Thoughts on PSA

So, not moments after posted about The State of Distribution PSA an excellent post from animator Erica Gorochow went up explaining her thoughts on the involvement in the project. I wanted to point out this one particular blurb as I feel it echoes my sentiments quite well:
I don't think everyone will choose to solely self-distribute in the future. I love netflix, will always be surrounded by pirating and will always go to the movies. Rather, self-distribution is an additional option. It has a shot at making "indie" more viable - for both an emerging filmmaker as well as someone more seasoned who seeks a no-strings-attached way of working. Just as there are box office flops, self-distribution won't necessarily provide a golden key. It comes down to giving those who make more leverage: meaning filmmakers absorb more risk and a broader workload, but stand to gain larger returns.
Self-Distribution As Viable Option. Done and done.


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