Surfing the Grid, Summer Rain

My late start to launching this years Summer Mix Series probably put a damper on a flood of incoming mixes as people are busier later in the summer but that hasn't prevented there from being a higher level of quality amongst the submissions. So far, all of them are good. I'm particularly enjoying this Surfing the Grid mix from Davis and this Summer Rain mix from Starsky.

When available, these are streamable from the site. So if you are shying away from downloading - have no fear! Summer Mix Series is on board with your instant gratification needs.

Marilyn Myller

Watching this Marilyn Myller short film is an enjoyable undertaking - black and white throughout, great use of light, really amazing transitions and pacing. And then you read this description:
A year in the making, the full six minute stopmotion short features the voice of Josie Long, one zillion hand carved tiny things, literally tens of carved foam puppets, two eye fulls of in-camera, long-exposure light trickery and a pair of tiny dolphins, smooching.
And your enjoyment level skyrockets. It's somehow more appreciable knowing that there are "one zillion hand carved tiny things" that created this.

via Jed.

Captain Baby - Sugar Ox

I've been a fan of the work of Asher Rogers - aka Captain Baby for some time. He's got a solid visual style and, now, we can add Quality Album Maker to the list.
The debut full-length, Sugar Ox, is a strange blend of frantic energy, enjoyably dance-y and a bit ominous. If you know my taste, you know that's a quality combo if there ever was one.

Super Fake Nice

In case you didn't happen to catch it on their Instagram, the newest EP from Self is now available. It's the first official, cohesive, release since the b-side compilation Porno, Mint & Grime in 2005. There has been a smattering of single songs here and there since then but nothing you'd call an album or EP. So, as a Self superfan, it's a welcome bit of news. It's on Rdio, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon.

While you're checking that out be sure to see the video for "Runaway", see them on Kimmel tomorrow and listen to "Hey, Hipster" - potentially the most contentious song in the Self catalog.

You Are Not Late

I posted about this in the sidebar but please, please, take some time today to read this wonderful piece by Kevin Kelly - You Are Not Late. It is, at the core of it, a reminder that the Internet is still in its early days and all things are still quite possible.
In terms of the internet, nothing has happened yet. The internet is still at the beginning of its beginning. If we could climb into a time machine and journey 30 years into the future, and from that vantage look back to today, we'd realize that most of the greatest products running the lives of citizens in 2044 were not invented until after 2014. People in the future will look at their holodecks, and wearable virtual reality contact lenses, and downloadable avatars, and AI interfaces, and say, oh, you didn't really have the internet (or whatever they'll call it) back then.
And that's just a PIECE of the whole. If you've forgotten what a pioneering time we live in, now's the moment to remind yourself.

Friday Videos - July 25th, 2014

This week may seem a little heavy on the music videos but I promise they offer some serious entertainment. Enjoy the videos and, moreso, enjoy the weekend. If you still need a little something more, hit up the Summer Mix Series, enjoy some music, get inspired, and make a mix this weekend! Thanks.

The Pattern Library

I've no clue what I would use them for but I'm just enjoying browsing through the offerings of The Pattern Library. I'm particularly into the illustrated pieces like this or this. Is there a Shared dropbox folder I can hook into that enables my desktop background to just randomly cycle through these?

Mondo goes Vinyl

Here's the deal: Austin, TX's Mondo has got it figured out. When it comes to delivering unique pieces of collectible art that appeal to a true, undying, fan. They have it nailed. Their posters are unbelievable, their album re-issues are out of this world and now they're doing vinyl toys. Including these Mousers and an Iron Giant to name but a few. You can see more on mastermind Justin Ishmael's Instagram. I promise there is nothing but the greatest fandom behind that link.


Makota Azuma managed to take the geeky phenomena of sending items to space with a large balloon and turn it into something a bit more artistic than the norm. Granted, Space Pizza is already pretty much the pinnacle of things you can send to space but his Exobiotanica project sends a variety of flowers and bonsai trees into the upper atmosphere.

There's also something lovely in the morbid nature of the flowers death - both in their being uprooted for the project and their plummet back down to the surface.

Read more here and here.

Help Desk

VHX makes great usage out of a customer support service called Helpscout. It houses all of our inbound email from customers and content creators as well as houses our knowledge bases. Suffice to say, we like them a lot.

So, it was pretty flattering to be asked to be part of their recently relaunched site. You can watch the great profile they did on us under online services. I think it confirms the absolute nerdy sound of my own voice but I'm still pleased to see such great shots of our office, coworkers and, moreso, solidifying a nice relationship with such a solid company.

Mythical Creatures By Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman is currently running a campaign to help fund a documentary entitled Mythical Creatures. The film would tell the tale of his father's exploits during World War II, escaping Poland, fighting Nazis, hunting men to avenge his family's death and moving to North America. The story itself sounds compelling but the idea that it will be told in Baseman style - a mixture of live action, animation, theater and whatever else may be rolling around in his head.

Summer Mix Series 2014

The Summer Mix Series is back! I was a little hesitant at first as music discovery and compilations are largely fueled by new listening habits - namely Spotify and Rdio. So, it's surely going to be a bit different from the original undertaking because downloading large zip files and importing them into iTunes seems much less common.

However, just because habits have changed doesn't mean there isn't a time and place for finding new music. The first two mixes - Outlaws and Vintage Obscura 2014 are phenomenal. I would have never found this kind of music - especially not this well curated - from any of my streaming services. So, we're off to a good start.

As this may be the last iteration of the series, lets step up the submission game! I look forward to hearing what you've got to offer.