Angela Deane Ghost Photographs

It's safe to say that if I encountered the ghostly painted works of Angela Deane during any time of year that I'd be into them but it just so happens that during the month of October they feel just that much more appropriate. The somewhat cartoony ghost characters painted over photos is engaging enough at the start but then you realize that these photos are old enough that all these people actually are ghosts now.

via Becky

This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory Official Trailer

I've mentioned the ongoing Kirby Ferguson project This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory previously but he's just launched a brand new trailer that explains the content of the series and the concept of buying in while it's being made quite well. I love this kind of subscription based film making where the audience is aware of the process and, in some cases, even involved with helping out.

The subject matter of Conspiracy Theories and "dark forces" that influence our lives is right up my alley - I couldn't think of a better person to bring that out into the world and I absolutely love how he's doing it.

Curse Rock + Pumpkin Dance

It's rare that you can take two things you love, mash them together and create a new thing that is equally as enjoyable. Fortunately, when Paul Hinman combined Shaboi's "Curse Rock" and KXVO's Pumpkin Dance, he created something new and wonderful. Stick with it to the :40s mark, it really hits it's stride then. I stand by the claim that it's every bit as good as Pink Floyd + The Wizard of Oz, or Peanut Butter and Jelly. The perfect combo.

Ulay, Oh

I recently mentioned that pop outfit How I Became the Bomb has resurfaced after several years of silence and they're really pushing out some new goods out into the world. Their new EP, Adonis, is now available to stream in full over on Soundcloud and they've released the above video for "Ulay, Oh" - a song directly inspired by the reunion of artist Marina Abramovic and her companion Ulay.

You may have seen the footage of The Artist previously but it has a nice impact when paired with a song directly inspired by and narratively retelling the event. It's powerful and sweet.

Super Best Friends Video Game Sleepover

The amount of gaming I partake in these days is fairly slim. I'm mostly an iOS kind of participant than I am any of the consoles. However, I'm still fascinated by that whole world of creation - both in terms of independent and largely commercial undertakings (tho I'd say those lines are really started to blur a bit). So, when my friend Adam and David launched their Super Best Friends Video Game Sleepover podcast, I was intrigued. There are two episodes up and it's just some funny dudes gabbing about games. Do I know what they're talking about all the time? Nope. Do I find it interesting and entertaining regardless? You bet.

Bauhaus Brew Labs

I don't make it out to Minneapolis very often but if I did, I would make it a priority to seek out some Bauhaus Brew - specifically for the can design. It's a nice blend of pop art and, obviously, some Bauhaus inspired styles.

Bill Murray on Howard Stern

Rarely, if ever, do I listen to the Howard Stern show but this episode with Bill Murray is worth making an exception. Stern actually asks some great questions, isn't offensive in the slightest and it's an overall treat to listen to. Murray is honest and forthcoming with plenty of insights into his long, enjoyable, career.

Kino Cult

Over at VHX, we recently helped Kino Lorber launch a vanity brand called Kino Cult - which puts revamped horror titles available in digital HD. They market it as "Sexy Vampires, Gothic Chills and Nightmare Visions in Spine Tingling HD."

They also went as far as to cut a great trailer and a bundle of five movies for cheap. It's a great idea and I'm really happy to see them grow this mini-brand into a real destination.

Friday Videos - Oct 17th, 2014

Do you need introduction to weekly distraction? Without further ado, I present you with - lack of productivity for 5-10 minutes! Have a great weekend!

Potential Unfulfilled

Scott Benson has been rather busy this year making Night in the Woods - a video game that, honestly, looks unlike anything I've played before. Despite that, he's still found some time work on a short film called Potential - a "Brancing bubble narrative" that explores alternate realities through choices. You should watch it big. His animation style is unflappable and the concept here is solid - rewatching it only adds to the enjoyment. Some sound and music would certainly add to it but it's unfinished! So, no complaints. Just great animation and plenty of rad GIF's that stem from it.

HT Davis

Highfive, Video Conferencing.

Having spent over a decade working there, I have a huge affinity for the work being done over at KNI. One of their latest creations is the full blown site for Highfive - a video conferencing device and service. There's a whole lot to love on the site but I'm particularly fond of the shifting rooms marquee on the homepage, the device rotator on the product tour and the shifting galleries on the team page. Overall, I love the whole vibe of the thing and look forward to more big projects from the ole homestead.

Android - 5.0 Lollipop

The newest version of Android is making its way out into the world - titled Lollipop - and it looks to be embracing more of Google's Material Design in all the best of ways. I can't speak to the actual experience of using it but the screenshots they provide and features they are touting with the upgrade are very nice. It's been a slow build but Google / Android has been pushing their design techniques into a really admirable place.

Channel Apps Heating Up

If you didn't already realize it, the future of television is apps. Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, ESPN, etc are all working to be consistent destinations for your eyeballs via their apps. Now CBS is throwing their hat in the ring with a $6 month subscription to all their content and HBO is promising a stand alone app in 2015 as well. Obviously, the HBO news is a bit more exciting but something about this kind of news really strikes me as exciting as it is the future that was predicted when we were younger - no more bundled television crap, just what you want!

The next trick is who will bring all that content under one roof?

Brandon Rike

I'm just scratching the surface of the work of Brandon Rike but, thus far, he's really able to take subject matter that I've little to zero interest in and make it compelling. Thirty Seconds to Mars t-shirts? Not my thing but man, those designs are great. Panic at the Disco? Not for me but I am loving what I'm seeing.

Tons and tons to see and all of it worth your eyeball time.

Designing for Thumbs

Obviously the era of "Mobile First" for design has really set a foothold in the world of web creation but it never hurts to get a healthy reminder of the type of interaction and audience you're dealing with when using smaller screens. Scott Hurff's How to design for thumbs in the Era of Huge Screens is a great read regarding the enormous screen areas we're dealing with now and the thumb stretch involved with hitting pertinent content. A hamburger menu in the top left on an iPhone 6+ is pretty much unreachable. So, what's the solution? Great question and not one that I have the answer to offhand.

Evidence Of Time Travel - Vol. V

I've posted about it many times in the past but the latest volume of Karborn's Evidence of Time Travel is now available. Each volume seems to get a little better in terms of execution. Lots more GIF's and a little bit of music on this Volume really up the entire experience.

There also seems to be an album featuring the music of John Foxx & Steve D'Agostino paired with these images that I'm quite enticed by. The preview leaves a little too much to the imagination but I have a hard time believing that a 12" LP with these images adorning it would be anything less than stellar.

A Largely Visual History Of Animation Pt.1

Erica Gorochow is involved in a lot of great things, her animation work is top notch and I can't wait to see what she has in store for Electric Objects. She's also occasionally known for a bit of education - as seen in this great piece, A Largely Visual History of Animation: Part 1 that she compiled for her NYU/ITP Commlab Animation Course. Personally, I love reading (and re-reading) about the likes of Peter Roget, William George Horner, Eadweard Muybridge, Georges Melies, Windsor McCay, Walt Disney, Hanna-Barbera and loads more. It's a crash course but, because of its content, it's incredibly engaging. Read it all, watch it all and come out the other side a little wiser. Then do it again. That's my plan for the day.

Friday Videos - Oct 10th, 2014

This week has been bonkers! Lots of projects wrapping up or launching or making some serious headway. It's rather exciting. To celebrate, I'm off to Brooklyn Beta. If you see me, come say hi. Here's a, hopefully, amusing list of videos to watch. Need more? Watch the official Empire Uncut trailer - which I believe debuts in full on very soon.

Have a great weekend! Go watch these movies - you will enjoy it.