Practical Frameworks for Beating Burnout

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It occurred to me recently that yk records had released two phenomenal records with days of each other but years apart. Uncle Skeleton's double record All Too Human came out May 1st, 2012 and Slowmotions b-side compilation, Square Piggy / Round Holly was released May 4th, 2010.

If you're unfamiliar with either (or both) of these records, please dive in and familiarize yourself.
The folks at VNYL - the vinyl subscription service - recently announced a brand new offering, TURNTBL, a wireless turntable. If you're going to run a vinyl subscription service, it's a pretty smart move to also offer a reliable, tech-savvy, way to listen to those records. I haven't actually heard how the playback is but I'd be willing to bet that they didn't cut many corners (the $350 pricetag means this is not just a nice looking shell on a cheap player).

I also commend them on carrying the torch of dropping vowels in their product names.
There's a niche subreddit for just about anything you can imagine but I've been enjoying the offerings of /r/AccidentalRenaissance - an ongoing collection of photos that call back to classic Renaissance paints. This best of gallery is a great place to start or just dive into the top posts.

Claire Danes' dress at the MetGala.

david sizemore
Jordan Zakarin
So torn. Nothing better than seeing Ted Cruz eat a flaming sack of shit, nothing worse than Donald Trump being so close to the presidency
Anil Dash
Oh this is sweet, via @maximolly, a look at the architecture and design of Paisley Park:

Radiohead - Burn The Witch

Masonic book folding

well done

The moment when Sunday stops feeling like the weekend

adorbz doggie
Casey Pugh
@jamiew @adamklaff @kbinbk @yewknee @ksheurs @steveniebauer Never forget
jms dnns
Congrats to my friends and former teammates at @vhxtv for being acquired by Vimeo!
We're thrilled to join the @Vimeo family
As if one announcement wasn't enough for a single day, I am happy to report that VHX is joining Vimeo. There's plenty of news articles pontificating the acquisition - including Variety, BBC The Verge, Recode, Next Web - if you're curious about more of the details of the purchase.

It is, without a doubt, great news for VHX. We get to take our Subscription tools to the next level and leverage all kinds of great tech, marketing and more with Vimeo. We wrote up a nice FAQ that covers some of the details of the deal in regards to our publishers and how the VHX + Vimeo partnership will work.

So, yea, big news. VHX is now part of the Vimeo family.
Hello there! If you're not viewing this via an RSS reader, you should be seeing a brand new design for the site. I managed to meet the deadline for the May 1st Reboot and you're looking at the fruits of that labor. I doubt any redesign ever feels perfect or complete but it's a relief to have something new out in the world.

The previous design iteration of this site launched in Sept 2012, roughly four years ago. Before that, it had been five years since a redesign. So, I'm keeping right on track with my track record for new looks. The web has changed astronomically since I started doing this regularly fifteen years ago but I'm no less fascinated by it. Believe it or not, there's still plenty of incredible art, music, film and inane videos to see.

There's fewer comments and discussions to be had on blogs and music discovery is more silo'ed, despite its ubiquity, but I still enjoy posting and I hope people still enjoy reading.
You saw this tweet, right? Evidence that the Medium, AirBNB, Flipbook and Beats logos have all been design conclusions from previous minds, as far back as 1971. I don't think anyone ripped anyone else off, I think sometimes similar minds end up in the same place.

With that in mind, it's fascinating to browse this BP&O Logo Archive; a repository of simple logo marks from decades past. It's not difficult to imagine something like this ending up on some outdoor gear, or this calling your attention to a new-fangled CDN.

As Austin Kleon and Kirby Ferguson remind us; artists steal and everything is a remix. Hard to deny looking at the evidence.

Radiohead Erase Internet Presence

reverse promotion. love it.
Sunday is the May 1st Reboot, so prepare to see some newness around these parts next week. I'm fairly confident in the design and overall spruced up presentation but I welcome your thoughts once it launches.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this. It's the future of pizza, I've no doubt. I also recommend watching Kevin Smith on Prince; a 30-minute bit of storytelling about the directors bizarre week with the Purple One.
Eric Sundermann
Sometimes I think I'm out of ideas, but then @vinniesbrooklyn puts a pizza inside of a box made of pizza. Inspiring.
Very excited to announce the debut record from Nightblonde, to be released on yk records this Summer. There will be plenty of teasers and song previews over the coming months but look for the entire record to be available digitally on June 3rd and a limited vinyl release on June 17th.

For a taste of what the release contains, check this teaser and then follow along for the newness as it trickles out.
Have a stroll through the available works of Rob Matthews, a fine artist from Nashville, TN. His latest show, Dawn-Watchers Watch for the Dawn, is up at the David Lusk Gallery and features a great bit of collage style composition - plenty of painting, textured lines and xerox style photography.

It's also rather fascinating to just click backwards through time of his body work and watch it simplify and change directions. The color palettes and techniques shift and change but the overall tone of it maintains a consistency; it's a pleasant thing to see.

way too enjoyable


kinda wanna watch this!
Thursdays seem to be the busiest of days for me so here's a link dump of various reads and miscellany:
  • Smart OTT Strategy: Fail Early, Often and Fast - a nice read from VHX's own Jamison Tilsner that serves as a nice reminder that content is always King. You know, for all of you looking to launch Over-The-Top subscription services!
  • Being a Developer After 40 - I already posted this over in the sidebar but it's worth repeating; being a developer at 40 doesn't mean you're dead in the water but it's good to remember the lessons you've learned along the way. Nice time capsule of sorts.
  • Hans Jenssen Cutaways - I'm sneaking in a Star Wars link under the guise of badass illustrations; which they are.
  • TalkShow - hot new app making the rounds. It's like a public GroupMe or a public Twitter chain or like.. well, it's texting between strangers and you can read it. Oddly interesting.
Steve Niebauer
Was having a crappy lunch, but then I saw a man wearing JNCOs riding a Razor scooter, and now all is well. ALL IS WELL

Being A Developer After 40

i'm not quite there yet but i'm loving this insight

Inside 11 of Brooklyn's Top Recording Studios

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I gotta give it to the United States Postal Service - they're really stepping up their game. This new promotional site, Irresistible Mail, is the total opposite of what I think of when I think of their services. This is slick, informative, compelling and just interesting to browse - whereas I normally think of them as the people that bring me plenty of trash. I might even go as far as to say this makes me intrigued to get some crazy mail - an AR mailer? an NFC enabled mailer? Sure, they might still end up in the trash but at least it was entertaining for a moment.

Have a browse around the site. Even with zero interest in the services being offered, it's very well done.
Pablo Hidalgo
The cold open single piano note is the new trailer BWWAAAAARRRRMMM.

Dean Fleischer-Camp movie debut

Stoked to hear this exists