yk027: Mount Sharp 'Weird Fears'

After last weeks Brooklyn Vegan debut and the previous unveiling of the Icarus video - the official release of Mount Sharp's EP Weird Fears has been a long time coming. Fortunately, the wait is over!
The EP is six "eerie pop songs" about relationships, science, crazed lovers and space. The vinyl sounds great and there's an unbelievable etching on the b-side. No music, just art. It's hard to capture but you can stare into the void here.

You can get Weird Fears now - digital and vinyl are ready to go!

Bryan Bruchman Photo, Etc.

I've known Bryan Bruchman since approximately the year 1999, 2000. Over those fourteen years, he's continuously been both a huge champion of local music - whether it be Portland, ME or Gowanus, BK - and an avid, talented, non-stop photographer. He's also a relentless blogger and a helluva guitarist.

Long story short, I'm singing this guys praises. I'm incredibly happy to work with him for the first time via his band, Mount Sharp and their yk records release, Weird Fears. He's good people - follow him every where.

A True Hermit

Multiple people recommended that I read about The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit aka The North Pond Hermit aka Christopher Thomas Knight. The tale of Knight is a pretty unbelievable one - he departed into the woods sometime in the 1990s and hasn't spoken to or interacted with another human being since. His legacy was well known in the area for the series of break-in's that plagued the area wherein Knight would find and gather supplies from empty homes but no one had every actually seen him or had proof enough to know it was a singular individual.

His story is interesting but I won't provide any spoilers here. It's a great longread that certainly gets to some very fascinating issues regarding human interactions and how they affect you and current event awareness. The man had barely even heard of the Internet, much less used it.

I do not envy his lifestyle or his choice to abandon all his family and friends to be alone but I do appreciate many of the insights he provides into the living of a life.

Ed Freeman Photography

Really enjoying these digitally augmented works from Ed Freeman - particularly the Country and City collections. There's just something a little off - too much saturation and flatness but still plenty of decaying details. It's strange but engaging. The NSFW Underwater seems like it would be the most appealing but I'm rather sold on these manipulated landscapes.


Friday Videos - Aug 22nd, 2014

What a week! I was busy busy busy but there is much goodness on the horizon. If you haven't heard the new Mount Sharp EP, please head over to Brooklyn Vegan and give it a listen. I'm excited for it's release and they're even touring a bit! Exciting stuff. Have a great weekend! If you haven't read this comic yet, please do so STAT.


I'm intrigued by the offerings of Hovee - a rideshare app that recently quietly launched in the app store. It is, at the core, an app for organizing a carpool - sometimes with strangers. From a tech perspective, it's cool to see an app that is learning about people's routes to and from destinations and able to make suggestions for carpooling based on that data. From a social perspective, I find it fascinating that we continue to embrace a more friendly environment of sharing and community. Maybe I'm overthinking it but an app for riding with strangers requires a lot of trust and is, somewhat, a sign of quelling some paranoia that I think runs as a steady undercurrent in our country.

Mount Sharp, Weird Fears debut

I am very pleased to announce that Brooklyn Vegan is debuting the Mount Sharp EP, Weird Fears. You can head over there now and listen to the entire release a week before it's release. It's also the debut of the phenomenal Kris Johnson etching that appears on the b-side of the LP (more on that later).

Very excited to get some eyes and ears on this Mount Sharp release and I thank Brooklyn Vegan for the post!

Made By Cardinal Tee

I'm told, the folks at Made By Cardinal are working on a new version of their Lifta that would be both more affordable and more handily designed. While I patiently wait for such to happen, I'm happy to see that they're now offering a fantastic tee shirt showing off their logo. It's a dead simple, clever, design and the shirt is great. If you're not in the market for a new tee, I understand, but at least treat yourself to their great 404 page animation - you deserve it.

A Brief Look At Texting And The Internet In Film

It's brief but I rather enjoyed this piece - A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film. As you would suspect, it's about how films have evolved over time to showcase how we receive information without being quite so literal by showing the actual device. It's certainly an interesting problem and definitely not one that has been solved for showing off the Internet (though I stand by this depiction as hilariously accurate). Turns out, Asian cinema is leading the way when it comes to experimental and interesting ways of showing life online - no surprise there.

via Roger.

Perspective Mockups Plugin

There are plenty of Photoshop plugins out there that utilize Smart Objects in such a way that you can drop a design in and it reworks it into a million awesome presentations. However, this Perspective Mockups plugin does a pretty fine job of separating themselves from the pack with their ridiculous messaging. It's literally offensive and also absurdly eyeroll inducing. Despite that, it somehow works? Maybe I'm bonkers but the silliness of the whole thing somehow makes it endearing.

Summer Sausage

Stop motion animation often finds its charms from the homebrewed nature of it. Tipper Whore drummer Nick Clark embraced this thinking and dove headfirst into creating a full-length video for Summer Sausage. It's charming in its execution and features lots of penguins, dinosaurs, fun creatures and hot dogs. Lots of hot dogs.

You can watch the video here and snag the album here.

Guardians Of The Galaxy UI Reel

There was a lot to be impressed by with Guardians of the Galaxy - the ship and character design each alone is enough to boggle the mind. However, it's also worth taking note of the User Interfaces throughout the film - especially within the ships and on various screens. There were a lot of effects houses involved with creating that movie but this work from Territory is bonkers. I want GIFs of this stuff, stat!


I played around with Seene this weekend - an iOS app that captures a slightly 3D environment and allows you to share the bizarre creations with friends. Looking at the creations you wouldn't think it was much different than Instagram but once you click in you can see the shifting perspectives. At the very least, I'm intrigued.

Friday Videos - Aug 15th, 2014

Do you have big weekend plans? You should. Do something nice for yourself. You deserve it. Start it off right now by halting any amount of work you're invested in and just watching some dumb videos. Then go home for the day. You earned it.
  • Robin Williams Tribute - not to be a bummer but the loss of Robin Williams is a very sad occurrence. This is a touching tribute but go watch Hook this weekend for the full Williams goodness treatment.
  • Corn Dad (Official Video) - a father explains what portions of corn look like on a plate. I repeat, a father explains what portions of corn look like on a plate.
  • Basement Jaxx - Never Say Never (Official Video) - twerking technology can save a relationship.
  • First-person Hyperlapse Videos - kind of amazing new tech from Microsoft that shows how they're able to "smooth" out timelapse videos into a new, easier to watch, format called Hyperlapse. The examples are great! Hopefully this makes it out into the real world in some usable fashion.
  • Meow Mix Song EDM Remix - you wouldn't think a popular brand of cat food would be on such a relatively hip tip but this is EDM at its finest (jokes of course).
  • The Ship - a public domain music video from two of the guys that used to be in Doves. It's a great usage of this kind of footage - better than most actually - and a damn fine song.
  • White Men Can't Dance - if we're being honest, I couldn't make it through this whole video but I did enjoy the pink Delorean, because how often do you see that?
  • Paolo Nutini 'Iron Sky' - I posted about this recently but you really need to watch this video. At least twice.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man - Music from the CBS TV Series 1978/79 - did you know the soundtrack from the 70's Spider-Man theme was funky stuff? Get into it!
Have a great weekend. Seriously.

True Detective + Petrochemical America

This writeup on True Detective and the Petrochemical America Aesthetic is one of the most mindful writeups on the show that I've encountered. Much like it's title, it's a bit of a heady undertaking. At its core, it pontificates on the usage of Richard Misrach's photograph series Petrochemical America during the opening sequence and how that dichotomy of rural landscapes being juxtaposed with chemical plants is actually rather indicative of the basic tenants of the show itself.

Beyond that, it dives into character analysis that goes beyond what I've personally considered before and tackle the potential disappointment with the finale that actually wraps it up quite nicely for me. It is, to say the least, a wonderful read.

via Becky.

Paolo Nutini 'Iron Sky'

Caspar passed along a glowing recommendation for this Paolo Nutini music video for Iron Sky. After viewing it, I can safely say that I'm blown away by every aspect of it.

There's a highly cinematic feel to the whole thing and it definitely tells a story - though it keeps it vague and more up to you to fully decide what that story is. It's reminscent of El Guincho in that it feels more like a movie you've never seen than it does a music video - only Iron Sky has a rather dark undertone to the entire undertaking. I'm underselling it. Just watch it - sit with the quiet first 90 seconds, soak it in and really enjoy the rest.


Anagramatron is a bot. A bot that scours Twitter looking for tweets that are anagrams of one another and then posts them to his own Tumblog. I'm sure this is my own opinion being passed along but some of the pairings seem enlightened or just too perfect for each other. Whatever it is, it's incredibly clever and intelligently done.

via Colin R and AV Club.

Adidas Nl

I'm not one for promoting scrolljacking but when it's done in a clever and appropriate way it's worth noting. This Adidas NL site has done a great job using that technique and combining it with a rather amazing kaleidoscope effect between slides. It really must be seen to be properly appreciated. The clothes and photo shoot are meh but the presentation is top notch.

Knit Notes

Love the simple concept of Knit - leave notes for friends at distinct geolocations. Maybe you just leave a note at home to say "Welcome Back!" or make a food recommendation at your favorite spot. It's kind of like any of the geotargetted apps - Foursquare, Swarm, etc - but just a cheerful little note. Simple.

via Chad.


Curiously browsing the glitched works of Tachyons +. The About sounds pretty straightforward:
Custom modified electronics for creating video art within the realm of music videos, film production and studio experimentation.
Interesting to see glitch be established as a full-on business and not just an exploratory art undertaking. Seeing it in motion has an entirely different feel than what I imagine looking at the still image versions.

There is lots of work to see - either by the Tachyons+ crew themselves or using their gear (though it is not clear if they are renting out the gear or if others are just using the same setup).