For the last few years, Pirates Press has been my Go-To manufacturer for my vinyl needs. They have competitive pricing, relatively quick turnaround times and, on the whole, excellent results with their creations. Like most vinyl plants in the country, they deal with a very large volume of orders and have likely seen every combination of craziness you can throw at packaging for an album.

So, with that in mind, it's an honor to be featured on their Record of the Week Blog for the forthcoming Nightblonde record. They were impressed enough with the die-cut packaging and overall look that they posted about it. I'm not saying said post is going to move 1,000 units but it feels good to be involved with something that gets some proper recognition.*

* please note, the band designed the packaging. this is not me tooting my own horn. they did a phenomenal job.
This collection of battle sites a century later shows the literal impact of war on the planet; remnants of trenches dug, bombs dropped and lives lost. Seeing as how Memorial Day was yesterday, sometimes it's good to take a moment to reflect on the insanity we put ourselves through and how long that sticks around.
Remember all that highly-curated set decore from Mad Men? Remember pining for Peggy's typewriter? or Sally Draper's Stuffed Cat? or Don Draper's Cufflinks? Okay, maybe not. Maybe not at all but it's still interesting to see how many of these tiny items are up for auction starting on June 1st. Do the proceeds go to charity or just to help AMC save up for the next show? I'm a bit unclear but I will admit I enjoyed perusing the offerings.

When Mother Nature strikes back

Fireworks vs Lightning. Noice.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - First World Problem

TODD TERJE & THE OLSENS - Firecracker (radio edit)

Katelyn Anne Burns
?I?m Voting For The Democrat In November Because I?m Not A Human Tire Fire? @SaraJBenincasa
caspar (v)
"is it warm going down in flames?"
Jason Powers
saturday collage : entertainment weekly
Kevin Schneider
When I'm a ghost I will exclusively haunt nice cars. That'll be my thing.
andy barron
file this under 'gifs i wish i made'

The Trailers for Ghostbusters (2016) and the Art of Editing Comedy

this is such an incredible read and so amazingly frustrating that the "bad" trailer exists at all

The Strokes - Future Present Past

new EP. feels like b-sides but not BAD b-sides?

Dr. Heimlich, Now 96, Uses His Maneuver for the First Time

maybe this is morbid but I find this adorable
I'm very excited for next week. 1) It's a short week thanks to Memorial Day, so that's a big plus over here in the States. 2) The Nightblonde album will be officially released and I can brag on how awesome the vinyl turned out. 3) There's another release around the bend that I haven't even mentioned yet but it's going to be great.. also unveiling next week.

But I digress. Enjoy this week. If you haven't seen this or this or this yet... stop stalling. See them immediately.
  • Captain Baby - Rainbow Reach - I've always liked the music these guys put out and their videos always take that enjoyment up a notch. They're not expensive undertakings but they always have a vibe to them that is extremely enjoyable. This is no different. Have a gander.
  • Turkish Minor Threat - the perfect pairing of a Turkish Parliament brawl and Minor Threat, two things you never thought you'd hear together in the same thought.
  • Mozart Dog - dumb but absolutely delightful.
  • When Bro's Lose their Minds - wait for it and you'll witness some serious Bro Entertainment.
  • Cat in a Box - ever wonder what a cat is doing when it's inside a box? Not much but enjoying it's damn life.
  • Barack Obama's Alien Bodyguard - did you know about this conspiracy theory? Barack Obama has an alient body guard. I believe it 110%.
  • How to talk Minnesotan - this is part of a full series of awesome passive-aggressive insights into the Minnesota language.
Bonus distractions here, here and here, should you need them.
While it's not officially available until next week, you can now preview the debut from Nightblonde in its entirety over on YouTube or Soundcloud, depending on your preference.

I finally got my hands on the vinyl copy last night and it is unbelievably beautiful. I will post / brag more about this next week. In the meantime, go pre-order it and then familiarize yourself with the songs within, they are so damn good.
Awhile back I posted about the work of Chris Turnham and his lovely diverse portfolio of illustrations. I was smitten with his architecture series at the time and I'm pleased to see his range of work hasn't faltered one bit since my previous visits. These colorscripts and old movie theater signs and plant illustrations are an excellent departure from what I was seeing before but no less enjoyable.

The Slack Backlash Has Arrived, But It?s Already Too Late

I enjoy slack but can't disagree with this
T. Becket Adams
Photoshoppers so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't
Paige Maguire
I need this immediately
Michael Madrid is avail
Jed Sundwall
@kmschneid @fluxistrad @yewknee @alexhunsucker never forget.
Paul Ford
Will no one think of the unaggregated links.

datboi, forsen


No Joy - Drool Sucker

new single. Hopefully a new album on the horizon.
Whenever you have a free moment, sit down and read through this Tristan Harris piece - How Technology Hijacks People's Minds - from a Magician and Google's Design Ethicist. It's difficult to summarize in a quick, consumable blurb but, overall, it serves as a reminder that the technology fueled world we're living in is designed to manipulate you in certain ways. I'm not saying it's sinister, I'm just saying it's a cause and effect situation that preys on feedback cycles of your brain.

It's a long read but a highly recommended one just to cleanse your palette from time to time and remind yourself that you're running things.
I love filmmaker Guy Maddin. His films are bizarre, extremely stylized and always manage to find a balance between the earnest, the amusing and the intense. His latest undertaking is Seances - an algorithmically generated short film that exists only once, for your singular viewing. This sort of dynamic web-experience isn't entirely new but the source material being used here comes from such a wild variety of places (lost Cambodian films, American trailer park found footage, lost movies, etc) that it really ends up being something different. And it's Guy Maddin, so you know it's put together in a way that's worth your time.

You can read more about the undertaking and an interview with Maddin over on VICE.

Convert AE animations to code

via Squall
Dive into this nice read from Retronator on When Digital Art Becomes Pixel Art and prepare yourself for a high level look at the question of What is "Pixel" Art? Is it aliased blocks? Can it include vector paths ala RIP graphics? Is it vexels? Are they all just niches of the pixel art genre or is it something very specific?

Whatever it is, it's an excellent look at a bunch of work that was painstakingly drawn by Arvey Yudi.
Recently, Nashville electronic band Coupler performed a live score to the 1925 German silent film Our Heavenly Bodies. The sci-fi film, much like A Trip to the Moon, is a fascinating bit of in-camera special effects and man marveling at the largess of space. It looks gorgeous to say the very least.

Watching the trailer and the clips (over on the bands site) is a fascinating pairing that works incredibly well. Hopefully their performance was not a one-off and there will be more opportunities to partake in both the film and the music.
I'm a big fan of Memphis artist St. Francis Elevator Ride and all of his collage work and album covers. His Instagram is refreshing and enjoyable with every post. Seeing stills from his latest art show, Lush Interiors, is a real treat. The collages go an extra level with depth and layering that just can't be recreated digitally for our screens. If I could see it in person, I'd do it. So, if you're anywhere near the Memphis Botanic Garden between now and the end of the month, make it happen. Otherwise, enjoy this.

Almost Holy

this movie looks devastating and super compelling.

The Physical Impossibilities of Damien Hirst

Kickstarter to make a wax model of Damien Hirst and put him in a glass box. Zero backers. Silly idea but glad its out there.

The Storm

Mushroom Hunter

Where Do You Come From

Paul Robertson
Another wizard king animation. Sorry if these are spoilers, you shoulda played it by now!
Jemaine Clement
Check out this trailer from these little gay kiwis!
Adam Klaff
Jennifer Scheurle
The irony of this reply tho.
Keith Calder
I don't know if I'll end up seeing THE NEON DEMON, but I'm definitely going to be listening to the soundtrack.