Friday Videos - Jan 29th, 2016

I really wanted to use this as the cover image this week but I didn't want to Bernie overload anyone. It's a real gem tho.

  • Shaman Cat performs 9 Lives Ritual - if you ever wondered where cats get their nine lives, now you know.
  • Winning the Buffet - if you ever wondered how you can truly win at buffet eating, now you know. via Jamie.
  • The Chickening - I'm sure there's some way to summarize this insane edit of The Shining but it's so bizarre that it defies description. Mildly NSFW but worth it.
  • Dogville Shorts - how about some 1930's dog acting? You're welcome
  • It's Pat with Ween (Edit) - have you ever seen the movie It's Pat? Me neither. Apparently Ween plays a halfway decent role in it. Someone took it upon themselves to make a very weird edit of their first appearance. It's borderline unwatchable but I find it amusing for whatever reason.
  • MailKimp Remix - delightful remix of the Serial ad.
  • Hello, Goodbye Isolated Drum and Bass - I would have never guessed that isolated Beatles tracks would be enjoyable to listen to but I'll be damned if this isn't a treat.
Oh, and another quality palette cleanser to make any dark day brighter.

Danny Jones 2016

I've been a fan of Danny Jones for many many years. His work as You Are So Last Year or Grain & Gram or Geo A Day have been a pleasure to admire. So, with the launch of his new portfolio, I knew I was in for some treats. His work for Dropbox and Facebook are stellar but his more artistic undertakings - like Found Objects and Chomp are even more compelling.

I fully endorse a deep dive on this one. Don't skimp out on full immersion into each portfolio entry.

Weekend LongReads - Jan 29th, 2016

I've been meaning to catch up on some lengthier reads and thought you may enjoy them as well. Granted, I'm endorsing these pre reading them, so they might end up being awful.. that's part of the allure, right?

Quiet Machine 2016

It's been two years since Jasmin Kaset released her album Quiet Machine album on my yk records label. The album hasn't lost a single bit of luster or shine in that time. For me, it's only gotten better.
If you haven't seen the video for Lionshare, please do so at your earliest convenience.

The vinyl version of the album is sold out but you can still enjoy it on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

If you're already familiar with the album and want some new Jasmin in your life, please dive into this b-sides compilation from last August.


Over the blizzard-y weekend I installed Open EMU at home to revisit some classic games and effectively waste some time. While I continue to enjoy spending some time with Rygar I couldn't help but lament that it'd be nice if there were more new games in the 8-bit style. I know they're out there but the good ones seem few and far between.

As luck would have it, this Paste article on the Pico-8 came my way. It's a "fantasy console" that restricts game development to 32k of storage, 16 colors and 4 channels of audio. The restrictions are bonkers in comparison to modern games but it's makes for nice, fertile, creative ground.

I'm not sure if the cartridge offerings are worthwhile or not but I'm excited by the prospect of what may come from the project.

Year Of The Plant Butcher

Loving this rundown on a number of different shops and restaurants focused on creating long-standing vegetarian solutions through the practice of recreating meats by Butchering Plants. Yes, they're calling them Plant Butchers; as the end result is a meat-y creation but no animals were harmed in its creation.

I've been thinking about vegetarianism quite a bit lately. My girlfriend doesn't eat meat and I've found that it's pretty effortless to eschew it entirely. I don't, personally, understand the need to have Fake Meat the route to get people to comprehend that eating vegetarian isn't "boring" but whatever gets people there, I'm for.

If you're the thoughtful type, give Cowspiracy a viewing to educate yourself on the unsustainability of livestock to feed the masses of our world. At the very least, give it some consideration and visit one of these new restaurants if they're in your area.

We Own This Town: Volume 73

On a semi-regular basis I compile a podcast of Nashville area music. Ideally, this brings some awareness to the bands involved but, realistically, it simply creates an archive of some of the great music emerging from the area during a period of time. The 73rd Volume of said compilation is now available and it documents a half hour of selections released at the tail end of 2015.
You can download it, stream it or subscribe to it with whatever podcast listener you prefer.
  1. Johnny Flame and the Jaws of Victory - Where The Sun Never Shines (11-5-15)
  2. ONLY - Giant Sunflowers
  3. Bootleg Glory - Young Ambition
  4. Idle Bloom - Some Paranoia
  5. SLACK - Over The Threshold
  6. JEFF the Brotherhood - Deep Space Bound On The Edge Of Reality
  7. BLK PWR - Bad Romance
  8. Linear Downfall - The Question
  9. PUJOL - Funky Magus
  10. German Error Message - Everything is scary
Continue Reading...

Thank You Cloud

Yesterday, my 2012 Macbook Pro refused to display anything. It was on but the screen was certainly on the fritz. I dropped it off for repair and dove into the seemingly arduous task of setting up a new computer with all my preferences. Turns out, in 2016, it's not so arduous.

A few quick steps of connecting Dropbox, Adobe CC, Apple Services and 1Password and I was pretty much back in working order. I just wanted to give a quick thanks to The Cloud™! I think that particular promise of the future is developing nicely.

Friday Videos - Jan 22nd, 2016

This palette cleanser will make you feel better at any time of day. Absolute perfection. This and this are also amusing but not as cleansing.

Ibm Design Thinking

Extremely insightful piece on IBM Design Thinking from IBM themselves. It defines and breaks down how they tackle problem solving, talk with users and iterate on coming to resolutions. It uses a bit of language that could seem offputting at first (defining challenges as "Hills", design reviews as "Playbacks" and listening to "Sponsor Users") but are worth seeing past for the bigger lessons to learn.

It definitely feels like a mega document that should be read a few times to properly gather all the right insight from but I really loved that they go into some specifics - i.e. "we've found that, on average, we need about one designer for every eight people writing code." That's not really hard numbers that I see very often. On the whole, I usually have a hard time with overly rigid programs for design and problem solving but these bits of bumper bowling seem flexible enough to be useful.

via Joshua


There's a long standing debate between which is better - CG or Practical Effects? We all know that it really boils down to how you use them. End of debate. However, that doesn't mean it's not still fun to marvel at practical effects and the artistry involved in their implementation. Enter Anti-CGI, an Instagram feed of a variety of practical effects - some amazingly impressive, some borderline questionable but all worth a gander.

Definitely some NSFW imagery in there, as to be expected with this sort of subject matter.

You Are Not Your Jeans

Ran across this great blog post the other day that I implore everyone to read that has ever struggled with self-confidence issues, particularly when making comparisons to folks you see in Entertainment or Media. Here's my favorite bit:
I thought about that, and about all the other girls and women out there whose proportions are "wrong," who can't find a good pair of work trousers, who can't fill a sweater, who feel excluded and freakish and sad and frustrated because they have to go up a size, when really the size doesn't mean anything and it never, ever did, and this is just another bullshit thing thrown in your path to make you feel shitty about yourself.
It's a simple rumination but one that probably isn't entirely obvious to everyone (myself included). I think typically it's women who get shouldered with the baggage of Looking Good At All Times but it's an issue that applies to everyone.

Maybe this is too many feels for a Thursday morning but I thought the earnest outpouring of the post made it all the more impactful and resonating.

Kate Hush

Brooklyn artist Kate Hush works in neon and her inspiration stems from the dark characters of David Lynch, Hitchcock and other empowered femme fatale's. I suggest reading this interview to familiarize yourself with her background and her process but mostly just dive into her blog and Instagram to see all her creations. The medium of Neon seems like it would be very limiting but based on the massive amount of work she has, it's not an impediment in the slightest for her.

Kodachrome Vernacular

What do you do when you run across a large heap of Kodachrome photos spanning from the 1960's to the 1980's? If you're Kodachrome Vernacular, you start a Tumblog showcasing them all one by one. Prepare yourself for some amazing signs, typography and a color palette that can't be beat.

HT Nat, not Cat.

Steven Avery v Edward Wayne Edwards

There have been a number of new theories and insights into the case of Steven Avery, the subject of Netflix's Making a Murderer documentary series. They may not completely absolve him of his guilt but they certainly lay even more groundwork for questioning his imprisonment (not that you need more).

My lady recently pointed me towards a rather compelling theory - the Edward Wayne Edwards theory. The claim is that the serial killer who often framed others for his crimes, particularly someone known in the media, is responsible for the Teresa Halbach killing and got away with it. Author John A. Cameron has a whole site (and book) investigating the horrendous crimes of Edwards and how they may correlate with the conviction of Avery.

It's unfortunate that the theory stems from Coast to Coast AM and a website that looks like it was made in the late 90's (not exactly lending the theory any extra legitimacy) but I fail to see how those two things are any less dependable than Reddit theories, so I'm going with it. Certainly worth a read.


Ran into the work of RUBIN over the weekend and instantly became a fan. The color palette and the simple, intersection, geometric shapes are right up my alley. As luck would have it, he tends to show much of his work via large scale murals and they really augment their environments. Looking forward to running into more of it.

The Occult Universe Of David Bowie

I tweeted this over the weekend but I think it bears repeating to have everyone check out this piece on The Occult Universe and David Bowie. It inspects the various works of Mr Bowie and many of the references he makes towards various cult and other forgotten societies. It even posits that Blackstar is the intentional culmination of this long standing exploration. Clearly, at this point, there's no way to know what was and wasn't meant as a career spanning theme but it's fascinating to ruminate on.

1966 NYC Subway

Loving this collection of 1966 Subway images from Danny Lyon. The images, taken on New Years Day 1966, depict a subway that is really not so different from the one that exists today, fifty years later. There are fewer Horoscope and Gum dispensers but the rest feels strangely familiar.

Friday videos - Jan 15th, 2016

I really wanted to use this image as the cover for the week but that vertical orientation prevented me from doing so. Man, it is wonderful.

Rough week in the celebrity death department but that State of the Union was great, so maybe that helps balance out the bad with the good. Regardless, enjoy some distraction.
  • Tea Time with Alan Rickman - definitely sad news to hear that Alan Rickman passed this week. Watch him make a cup of tea and realize how compelled you are by his entire presence and how impressive that is.
  • Bowie on Tonight Show - a 1980 performance of "Life on Mars" and "Ashes to Ashes." He's rocking his James Dean look here and it's pretty bad ass. Use this as an opportunity to dive further into the Youtube hole of Bowie, there's much enjoyment to be found.
  • How To Drink Your Coffee in Norway - 18 seconds of perfection.
  • Kylie Jenner - New Years Resolutions - this is 34 seconds of total WTF. Keep in mind that this is a celebrity and this video has been seen by almost half a million people.
  • El Guincho - "HiperAsia" - I'm not super fond of the song just yet but this video is such a heavy nod to cutting edge 80's animation, it's hard not to enjoy.
  • Force Awakens VFX - possibly a bit technical for some but nice to see the blend of digital and practical effects used in the new Star Wars.
There's a Donald Trump video making the rounds that I probably should have included here because it's completely insane but I think that guy is toxic and dangerous and I'd rather not contribute anything to him because he is an awful person that needs to go away. Instead, I urge you to listen to this awesome synth Bowie mix.

Brooke Waggoner, Sweven

Somewhat recently, I became aware of the song "Ovenbird" from Brooke Waggoner and it immediately grabbed me. There's certainly a melancholy, heart-wrenching vibe to it but with a lilt of optimism.
The full album from which "Ovenbird" stems - Sweven - is officially released today. It's streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify (and elsewhere) and I can't implore you enough to strap on your headphones and give it a hearty listen. Songs like "Fink" and "Pennies and Youth" have continuously been on repeat for me but, honestly, I've just been listening to the album top to bottom.

There are many words to describe the record: dark, intricate, intimate and also strangely optimistic and surprisingly macabre at times. It's unfortunate when albums like this come out on in January, as they are oft forgotten in the pile of Best Of The Year once December rolls around. Don't forget this one.