Over the weekend we hit up Philadelphia for a very quick exploration. It's a big place so we didn't get much in beyond the tourist staples but I must admit, what we saw convinced me of the goodness of the city; many of the same benefits that everyone touts for NYC but with a more accessible feel. Here are a few highlights for anyone interested:
  • Vegetarian Options Everywhere - for a city known for its meat piles, there are a shocking amount of vegetarian and vegan options and they are good. I've had plenty of terrible vegan food but these folks seemed to have actually figured it out. Treat yourself to Blackbird Pizzeria, Charlie was a Sinner and/or V Street.
  • Mutter Museum - maybe this is one everyone's list that goes to Philly but a large scale morbid anatomy museum with exhibits about The Father of Modern Anatomy or actual slices of Albert Einstein's Brain is a must see in my book.
  • Magic Gardens - an enormous gallery space covered wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling in tiles and random ephemera from artist Isaiah Zagar. No coupling of photos can do this place justice as it is an exercise in exploring the small details. There's a documentary on him as well that I plan to dive into as soon as I can.
Overall, big fan of Philly! Had a nice trip as the city was easy to traverse and we saw such a small portion of it I know there is tons left to discover.
One of the latest offerings from the Almighty Google is a new app entitled Spaces. It looks suspiciously similar to the Google+ Circles but the interface of the app itself looks more akin to Tumblr but with an added layer of groups; simple and easy to understand. The promo page is filled with great animations and a solid pitch to pique your interest. While I don't foresee myself actually using this, I must give it up to Google for their delightful animations as of late.
Rather enjoying the deep dive into the portfolio* of Paulina Ho, aka Paulina Pizza. There's a great mixture of inventive typography and simple, fun, character design.

Follow along as there are plenty of new additions on her Instagram.

* and that favicon... oh man
Paul Robertson
Another wizard king animation. Sorry if these are spoilers, you shoulda played it by now! https://t.co/GVHsiR6cmN
Jemaine Clement
Check out this trailer from these little gay kiwis! https://t.co/RYj6aZ8kE5
Adam Klaff
Jennifer Scheurle
The irony of this reply tho. https://t.co/9OVLTosjqC
Keith Calder
I don't know if I'll end up seeing THE NEON DEMON, but I'm definitely going to be listening to the soundtrack. https://t.co/A0dYzZBSQu

Behind the Music: Steal My Sunshine

I wouldn't have believed it but this is a Great interview. Via @dpatrickrodgers

Everything is a Remix: The Force Awakens

watch it

Beyond the Infinite

an alternate soundtrack to 2001, all synth based

Bandcamp, Downloads, Streaming, and the Inescapably Bright Future

tldr: owning music is a profitable business still
I'm off to Philadelphia this weekend. Have recommendations for me? let me know. I'm definitely going here and here. Where else should I not miss?

Let's get down to business. First off, do not miss this majestic GIF or Slinky Cat. Game changers.

Nightblonde - Vanishing

Another week closer to the official release of Nightblonde's debut, Numbers and another song debut to keep your interest piqued. Give a listen to "Vanishing", one of the tracks that showcases the bands ability to blend three singers into a melancholy pop song The Cure would be proud of.
Really loving this animation work from Carl Burton. Much of it is very subtle and atmospheric - hazy in a way that you don't often see from GIF's. You may have seen his work as the cover art for Serial Season 2 but the entirety of his portfolio and Tumblr are a worthwhile, beautiful, browse.
Paige Maguire
Moving to Canada won't be enough if you knuckleheads elect Trump, you know that, right? Befriend the guys building condos on Mars asap

Food Faces Book Launch

fans of @ferrisplock should get into this

Paul Robertson on Patreon

a prime example of a great artist worth backing
What happens when you attach LED lights to 2,000 pigeons and release them at dusk to fill the sky? You get Fly By Night, the public art project from Duke Riley. The effect itself is pretty mesmerizing to see, albeit somewhat hard to capture on video. This Creators Project profile is a nice bit of insight into the project and Riley's respect for the animals and undertaking.

Understandably, there is some controversy around the project, as the pigeons aren't exactly volunteering for the job but, personally, I feel like the evidence leans towards the birds not being traumatized.

Top Posts: BetterEveryLoop

your day just improved 300%
The site for short film Take What You Can Carry is a shining example of clean, beautiful, engaging site design that draws you in without knowing a thing about the content. The "What" section is my favorite but the layouts for Production Notes and Cast and Crew are beauties in their own right. Well worth a browse for the experience and inspiration.

Recently there have been rumblings that the web is reaching a point of homogenization and, thus, boredom for those using it. There are valid points in that kind of critique but it's also worth taking a moment to acknowledge great, clean, usable, fun web design when you encounter it.
I have it on good authority that if you're into True Crime podcasts, you should be diving headfirst into Generation Why. The hosts - Aaron and Justin - dive into the expected topics of unsolved murders, conspiracy theory, controversies and various mysteries all while keeping it respectful and intelligent. These kinds of topics can veer off into crazy land pretty quickly so it's nice to know there are people discussing these concepts with a level head.
nick from islands
Islands have two new albums. If you haven't heard them, go listen. If you like them, tell your friends. https://t.co/JhgjGpXUQ3
caspar (v)
does the beat beg for the gif to loop?
or does the gif's loop beg for the beat?

Donnie & Joe Emerson: Dreamin' Wild

@waxpancake endorsed. Need to listen.
Selecting a single portfolio item from the impressive portfolio of Jenna Blazevich - aka Vichcraft - is a difficult task but I'd like to make sure your attention is steered towards her sculpture piece, The City Beautiful, a 3ft x 6ft installation comprised of bullet casings in an art deco style. The homage to Chicago gangster history is obvious and the amount of work to hand place each of those pieces is astounding.

Once you've wrapped your brain around that, browse around the rest of the offerings. The branding, illustration and typography work is stellar.
Docker containers, a handful of emulators, VNC support over Websockets and lots of other tech I don't really even understand all come together for oldweb.today - a site that lets you browse the Internet from era's long gone. Want to see this site ten years ago? Have at it. It's surprisingly not that different. I don't know if I feel good or bad about that.
rob delaney
I wonder if my grandfather would've even bothered to FIGHT HITLER if he knew I'd have to one day tell my son's about female "ghost-busters."
Rachel Zarrell ✨
damn new ghostbusters script is woke https://t.co/yM48AK4NKq
Stan Edward
Hey make sure your band writes a song about the approaching Singularity it's the thing to do these days don't be left out
Kevin Schneider
Maybe I am eating a bag of doritos and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms at the same time. right now. with a beer and a wine. maybe I am.
Joshua Hynes
That feeling when you answer your own @StackOverflow question. https://t.co/YzH7r40TZ7

AlphaGo and the Future of Humanity

Move 37 vs Move 78
jms dnns
This is our future: https://t.co/1IOyZlMU2q

Meet The Swedish Inventor Who Creates Amazing Shitty Robots

a fun lil read
Andy Baio
Ridiculously excited for the new Everything Is A Remix to premiere at @outpostpdx this week. Come on out! https://t.co/C4TmAYArrr

Why the theme song for It's Garry Shandling's Show is the greatest TV theme song of all time.

i can't disagree

Cat gif backup 1


Color film was built for white people. Here's what it did to dark skin.

A Century of Slang

Mixes. Need to have a listen
Deth P Sun
Photocopying a new zine today. https://t.co/GXQF0eC8Vn

Behind the Scenes of Cult Film Grey Gardens

read, doi