Hollywood in Vivid Kodachrome

Really loving this collection of Hollywood Stars in Vivid Kodachrome from David Wills. It's absurd but when you think about the 1930's and 40's it's easy to slip into a headspace that things weren't as bright and colorful as they are now. Maybe that's just a trick I play on myself but seeing these photos is a nice kick in the pants to remember the world has always been fully saturated.

Friday Videos - Dec 5th, 2014

Not gonna lie, this is not my strongest offering of videos. I've been playing catch up all week from Thanksgiving neglect and that hasn't allowed a lot of time to browse around. I haven't even read the AV Club once! That's unbelievable. Despite that disclaimer, please enjoy: That's it! Have a great weekend. If you haven't watched High Maintenance yet, do yourself a favor over the weekend and get to it.

Jason Lytle - House Show

It's been a few years since I've heard from Jason Lytle. His last record, Department of Disappearance, was a fine listen and I suppose he's been busy moving from Modesto up to Portland. His latest, surprise, release is a House Show from this past May. Lots of fun stage banter and familiar songs. Recommended.

Spotify Year In Music 2014

I have plenty of mixed thoughts about Spotify but I can't deny a good Year In Review - particularly when it's laid out this well. Seeing that Katy Perry, Coldplay and Ed Sheeran are the top artists isn't exactly compelling but I'm still loving browsing through all the layouts and color schemes. Nice testament to the design overcoming the content!


Short films are an odd bird - they often contain an incredible amount of creativity and compelling story telling but they are largely ignored by the film industry because anything less than 80 minutes is difficult to market for sale. Fortunately, YouTube and other services help to get these creations out to a wider audience but there's so much noise, it's hard to find things.

Enter ShortFil.ms - a curated destination of worthwhile short films. The videos within are great but the real treat is the method in which they surface them - time based. Have less than 5 minutes to spare? They got you covered. Have 20 minutes you need to tear through? They've got some great things to see.

It's not a small task but the curation team is doing a great job. Hit them up, browse around and be entertained.

Mail To Self

Sometimes it's the simplest apps that catch my eye the most. This incredibly helpful add-on for iOS, Mail To Self, allows you to take any shareable link across the device and quickly shoot off an email to yourself reminding you about it. I can't tell you how useful this is for me. Downloaded immediately and now I'm seeking a Tip Jar to properly thank the creators.

yk 028: Nahnee Bori - Mr. Man

Nahnee Bori may not be a name you're familiar with but I suspect you've encountered his work under a different project. Have you played TwoDots? Yea, he had a hand in that under the Upright T-Rex Music moniker. He's also released two previous albums that should most definitely be heard - they range from tackling minimalistic, ambient arrangements to traditional pop greatness.
So, with all that being said, I am incredibly happy to get his latest out into the world. Mr. Man takes the insights from his two prior albums and turns them on their head. Traditional instrumentation is eschewed for the unexpected. Sounds loop and build - sometimes chaotic, sometimes beautiful. Often both. I'm never sure where to tell someone where to start with this one but try out Geometric Set, Image Bounce or Bubbleguts* for a taste.

The album artwork is by the unbelievably talented Rachel Briggs and I hope to have plenty more to say about that later.

The album is available on Bandcamp for now and I'll be adding it to other outlets over the coming weeks. It's Cyber Monday priced - just $2.50 - so get it now.

*potentially the best song name. ever.

Nahnee Bori - Diatoms

The official video for "DIATOMS" is taken off of the freshly released Nahnee Bori album, Mr. Man. The imagery involved is chaotic and cacophonous - which fits the song quite well. Cody Uhler himself put the video together by taking loads of public domain footage and layering it and layering it on top of itself.. only allowing you to focus on one fleeting moment at a time. It's an exercise in futility but it's engaging to say the very least.

Nahnee Bori - Happy Plant

Though it is earmarked as an outtake to his latest album Mr. Man, this Nahnee Bori track for Happy Plant is unbelievably catchy and repeatable. The video that Mr. Uhler himself put together is a quaint little tale of the life of a plant and fits the song perfectly. I'm always amazed when an artist has a creation that they don't deem worthy enough for the full album and it's this good. Put it on repeat.

yk records Cyber Monday

It's Cyber Monday - one of the most hilariously named "deal" holidays out there. It's the absolutely perfect example of some out of touch ad agency guru that decided that a way to extend Thanksgiving sales would be to make a new day with a terrible title. That being said, I'm embracing it! YK records is, largely, an internet entity so I'm marking down all the digital offerings and the vinyl is getting a major cut too. This offer will last all week but only this week. Get this vinyl! It really is limited edition.

$10 Double Vinyl / $5 Digital
Forget Cassettes - O Cursa

$7 Vinyl / $2.50 Digital
Uncle Skeleton - All Too Human
Hotpipes - Dust Jasmin Kaset - Quiet Machine

$5 Vinyl / $2.50 Digital
Uncle Skeleton - Too Young, Too Old
Nahnee Bori - Place
Mount Sharp - Weird Fears
Talking With Hands - The World & Ourselves
Codaphonic - Mindwrecker / Oh Radio!
Kindercastle - Number B
Uncle Skeleton - Warm Under the Covers

$5 Vinyl / $1 Digital
Roy Ira - Still Be My Love
Tipper Whore - Just the Tip
Codaphonic - Edison's Rival

Free Digital
And The Relatives - Green Machinery
Shaboi - Curse Walk
Slowmotions - Quick Potions
Uncle Skeleton - Pancho Chumley


I don't always trumpet new features being released on VHX here on the site but we've got a lot of great new offerings coming down the pipe in the near future so expect to start hearing more of it. We just released Christmas Gifting - a quick little hack to allow you to send a movie to a friend or family member that won't be delivered until 3am on Christmas Day.

We'll be making plenty of title recommendations in the coming weeks but if you know someone that would love Harmontown or Sound City or Sign Painters or Everything Is Terrible or This Is Not a Conspiracy Theory or Couldn't You Wait: The Story of Silkworm - now is the time to give the gift of movies!

Drafthouse Cyber Monday 2014

Over the next 25 days, Drafthouse Films is going to be running some great deals on their digital offerings. I recommend procuring this stuff when it's not on sale as it really is worth the full purchase price but given that it's December, why not embrace the discount?

They are kicking off the deal by offering The Short Films of Nacho Vigalondo for a cool $2.50. That's ten short films for less than a cup of coffee (depending on where you live). I really love these guys and the films they procure. I can't recommend following them enough and diving in deep to these ongoing deals.

Song Exploder No. 22: The Books

I highly recommend listening to Song Exploder in general but need to double-y endorse Episode 22 with Nick Zammuto of The Books. It's fascinating to hear him talk about his methodology of creating music through the locked grooves of vinyl but even moreso compelling to hear him pontificate on his reasons for making music. He's really a very thoughtful person and creating for him is a truly an extension of visual arts - a methodology I can't remember ever hearing explained so well previously.

Thanksgiving Break

I'm offline for a few days doing the Thanksgiving thing, hanging with friends and family, cleaning up old email and prepping some projects for year-end roundup. You know, standard November stuff. Here are some links to keep you entertained, my faithful reader:
  • Crossy Road - if you haven't played this semi-mindless Frogger update yet, get on it. The isometric style is great and the continuously updating animal choice is great. See if you can get the Doge.
  • Monument Friends - have you played the new Monument Valley levels? They are truly stunning and a breath of fresh air when it comes to gaming, IMO. This tumblog is filled with fan art from other like minded enthusiasts.
  • Munchkin the Teddy Bear Dog on a Treadmill - this will not be the last mention of said dog or video but go ahead and familiarize yourself with the mesmerizing visual of a dog wearing a teddy bear costume on a treadmill.
  • Roko's Basilisk - a thought experiment involving the future of Artificial Intelligence and a Matrix-esque world in which we're all being punished for not believing in our future tech overlords. It's a baffling path to go down but well worth the reading. via John Baldwin, of course.
  • The Man Who Made 'Tetris' - nice article on Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of the worlds best selling videogame.
Have a great week!


The gist of Project Loop's 50/50 fundraiser is to raise the money to build a skatepark and a community center for the youth of Taylor, TX. Have no interest in helping out the kids of a town you have no connection to? Fair enough, at least give the massive auction a thorough browsing because there are decks being offered by the likes of Matt Groening, Jon Contino, Sasha Barr and Andy Vastagh... to name but a sliver of the talent involved.

Good causes with great art. Done and done.

A Fox Running Loose In The National Portrait Gallery

I've been seeing a link making the rounds of "A Fox Loose in the National Portrait Gallery" - supposedly a wild fox who found it's way into the gallery and was caught on the security footage. The reality behind the link is that it's an project from Belgian artist Francis Alys. To be fair, the piece is exactly as the headline reads - a fox running loose in the national portrait gallery. The only difference between potentially viral link and the art project is that the fox was meant to be there.

You can watch a summary of the piece here or the entire 20 minute capture here. It makes for some phenomenal screengrabs.

Prize Pins

They may be simple but these Prize Pins are surprisingly awesome. I wouldn't think a vintage style metal pins would grab my attention this much but I'm kind of smitten. I love loads of offerings from the main collection - Black Tooth, Do Not Disturb, Applause, Panther.. all right up my alley.

Beyond that, they also have design collaborations that are equally great. The Jean Andre collection is, unsurprisingly, sold out but there are plenty from the Tim Lahan collection to procure.

This is a lot of words for something so simple but each one is deserving of plenty more. via Golden Fiddle.


Over the weekend I had the pleasure of heading upstate a little bit and vising the Dia:Beacon art gallery. It's actually an old Nabisco factory that's been painstakingly renovated into an art space for large art installations. The building is one of the first (if not the first) to renovate an old industrial space for contemporary art and they did a helluva job. The rooms are gorgeous. Some of the art certainly dives into that realm of contemporary where you're not quite sure what you're seeing - is this art? Is this a blank canvas? Is everything art? You know, those sort of pretentious questions that turn a lot of people off. Despite that, there are installations from the likes of Richard Serra, Dan Flavin or Michael Heizer that you just aren't going to see in a regular sized room.

Long story short, if you're the type that likes to take day trips while visiting NYC - this is a properly recommended one.

Watch Mood Indigo

If you have not seen it yet, please do yourself a favor and watch Michel Gondry's Mood Indigo. It has all the aspects that you expect from a Gondry movie - plenty of in-camera tricks and forced perspective - but also has an emotional depth that he only manages to capture every so often. I'd go as far as to say the movie is emotionally intense but that's far better than being fluff. You can snag it here and curl up with it over the Thanksgiving break.

JerkFace NYC

The past few days I've been familiarizing myself with the works of Jerk Face - an NYC street artist known for co-opting classic cartoon characters into huge murals. The depictions of the characters are pretty spot on but the mild alterations he applies gives them a chaotic and strange vibe - in the best of ways. He just opened a show at Bottleneck Gallery and I'm going to do my best to stop by but his Instagram and website is more than enough to occupy the eyes for some time.

Friday Videos - Nov 21st, 2014

Listen, I know there's a playlist of videos here that is just begging for your enjoyment and distraction but have you been paying attention to the changes over at Giphy? They launched Giphy TV and now I'll basically never get anything done ever again. But I digress... Don't forget to watch that Mount Sharp video and have a damn fine weekend.