Brandon Rike

I'm just scratching the surface of the work of Brandon Rike but, thus far, he's really able to take subject matter that I've little to zero interest in and make it compelling. Thirty Seconds to Mars t-shirts? Not my thing but man, those designs are great. Panic at the Disco? Not for me but I am loving what I'm seeing.

Tons and tons to see and all of it worth your eyeball time.

Designing for Thumbs

Obviously the era of "Mobile First" for design has really set a foothold in the world of web creation but it never hurts to get a healthy reminder of the type of interaction and audience you're dealing with when using smaller screens. Scott Hurff's How to design for thumbs in the Era of Huge Screens is a great read regarding the enormous screen areas we're dealing with now and the thumb stretch involved with hitting pertinent content. A hamburger menu in the top left on an iPhone 6+ is pretty much unreachable. So, what's the solution? Great question and not one that I have the answer to offhand.

Evidence Of Time Travel - Vol. V

I've posted about it many times in the past but the latest volume of Karborn's Evidence of Time Travel is now available. Each volume seems to get a little better in terms of execution. Lots more GIF's and a little bit of music on this Volume really up the entire experience.

There also seems to be an album featuring the music of John Foxx & Steve D'Agostino paired with these images that I'm quite enticed by. The preview leaves a little too much to the imagination but I have a hard time believing that a 12" LP with these images adorning it would be anything less than stellar.

A Largely Visual History Of Animation Pt.1

Erica Gorochow is involved in a lot of great things, her animation work is top notch and I can't wait to see what she has in store for Electric Objects. She's also occasionally known for a bit of education - as seen in this great piece, A Largely Visual History of Animation: Part 1 that she compiled for her NYU/ITP Commlab Animation Course. Personally, I love reading (and re-reading) about the likes of Peter Roget, William George Horner, Eadweard Muybridge, Georges Melies, Windsor McCay, Walt Disney, Hanna-Barbera and loads more. It's a crash course but, because of its content, it's incredibly engaging. Read it all, watch it all and come out the other side a little wiser. Then do it again. That's my plan for the day.

Friday Videos - Oct 10th, 2014

This week has been bonkers! Lots of projects wrapping up or launching or making some serious headway. It's rather exciting. To celebrate, I'm off to Brooklyn Beta. If you see me, come say hi. Here's a, hopefully, amusing list of videos to watch. Need more? Watch the official Empire Uncut trailer - which I believe debuts in full on very soon.

Have a great weekend! Go watch these movies - you will enjoy it.

Shaboi Shaboi Shaboi

JAson said it best - October is usually known as the beginning of "Fall" or "Autumn" but it should be known as Shaboi season. The single album, Curse Walk, released back in 2009 continues to hold up as one of the finest pieces of Halloween themed goodness that exists. I stand by that. It's got everything and never wears itself out.

I'm slowly posting the full album over on Soundcloud but you can go hear it full on Bandcamp or Rdio or Spotify if you prefer.

Please enjoy and spread the word. I want everyone to think of October as "Shaboi season" as much as I do.

Drafthouse Films Bundle #1

It is no secret that I love Drafthouse Films - their catalog of releases has always been unbelievably solid and continues to get better as they continue to grow. So, I was very pleased to see them offering a wonderful film bundle featuring five films for just $10. Oh, and all the bonus content that comes along with those movies. Some I have seen, some I have not.
  • Ms. 45 - a 1981 remastered work from Abel Ferrara depicting female empowerment through vigilantism.
  • A Band Called Death - phenomenal documentary about one of the first punk bands, comprised of three black musicians from Detroit that predated the Sex Pistols or The Ramones. Super good.
  • The Visitor - a 1979 Italian headtrip. I haven't watched this yet but it looks pretty incredible.
  • The Final Member - a documentary about the penis museum in Iceland. Yes, there's a penis museum and no, they don't have a human specimen on display. Yet. That's the movie. Unsurprisingly hilarious.
  • The Dog - the true story behind the bank robber depicted in Dog Day Afternoon. He's quite a kook and his story is fascinating.
I am actually stunned this is $10. I realize it's a limited time offer but it still seems like a bonkers deal. Buy It Now - I firmly believe you will enjoy it.

Revisiting Ambulance LTD

Without fail, the one full-length album from Ambulance LTD comes up in my rotation and I can't stop listening. On repeat. For days. But it's just the one album (and two EP's). Part of me likes that they did one and never had the chance to release something else potentially disappointing (pessimistic, I know) but a bigger part of me was curious what happened. Surely they something more planned, right?!

Turns out, yes, they had plenty more planned. This blog post gives a nice summary of what they were up to - including recording a sophomore album with John Cale - and, more importantly, a link to two discs of demos from those sessions. And they do not disappoint. They aren't as fleshed out as the original LP album but they're enough to satisfy and wish that they'd been finished.

Oh, and if that isn't enough - check out this shared Google Drive with tons of bootlegs, demos and instrumental versions. AKA The Motherload.

Oh, and singer John Congleton has a new project but more on that later

Last Gasp Books

I've not heard of Last Gasp Books until recently but I am quite familiar with their creations; art books by the likes of Ron English, tons of Robert Crumb publications, Daniel Johnston and tons more. The list is really exhaustive and beyond impressive.

But, unsurprisingly, funds and resources for print publications are running thin and they've turned to Kickstarter to help them flesh out their Fall schedule. The rewards are great - I opted for the Punks Git Cut anthology by Jay Howell but there's no shortage of desirable goods you can nab while supporting a 40+ year art print house.

Squarespace Seven

The new version of Squarespace that recently launched - Seven - is another impressive refinement of the Squarespace brand. Goes without saying, there's some classy work going on here! The intro video is phenomenal and there are several very inventive implementations for scrolling - check the cover pages or Google apps pages for prime examples.

Break Hearts

Back in 2009, How I Became the Bomb released their album Deadly Art - a synth pop undertaking that was right up my alley. After a bit of touring and playing around town to bigger and bigger crowds they just disappeared. I've heard tale of a followup every year since and kind of decided that it was just local fairy tale that it would ever happen.

I am happy to report that they've released a new track - Break Hearts - and promise a new album, Adonis, in the coming months. I'll still believe it when I see it but the prospects are looking quite good.

David Mikula

David Mikula has worked for the likes of Nike, Microsoft, Whole Foods, Sesame Street, Wieden + Kennedy and Digital Kitchen. That is to say, he's got a track record of impressive clients and great work. His new site is a very clean presentation of many of these goods and I recommend diving in headfirst. I love the Redscout Rebrand, the Undefeated Experiments and this Taste Journey video game pitch - but that's really just a quality sampling. Lots to be inspired by here by in terms of the work and the presentation of it.

Affinity Designer

I'm sure I'm being effectively woo'ed by their pitch but this Affinity Designer looks like one helluva alternative to Illustrator (and possibly Photoshop depending on your needs). The intro video alone is enough to convince someone that it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yes, it's marketing and in reality it likely has its share of bugs but that's not enough to make me not want to try it out! Someone's gotta take down Adobe eventually, right?

Friday Videos - Oct 3rd, 2014

I write this from the past to post in the future so that it is available during your present - right now. The offerings are short this week from being out of town and being hunkered down with work but I think you will rather enjoy what you find within. Need more? Watch this Crazy David Bowie SNL performance or any of these new Broad City Season 2 Bonus Episodes or just gaze into this greatness. You're all set.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Out of Office: NOLA

Headed to New Orleans this evening and out until next Tuesday. I will be updating the sidebar of various links but the main blog, here, will be left to stagnate a little bit. I'm just letting you know in case, ya know, you got worried.

I suggest everyone spend some time stalking Creative Works - a design conference in Memphis this weekend. I have high hopes for some solid sneak peeks on the happenings via their Instagram.

The Pebble Smartwatch Look

Despite being one of the largest Kickstarters to date, I've never browsed around on the Pebble Smartwatch site. Surprisingly, they have a very strong pixel art vibe going on! I love the Our Story pieces and it's a nice compliment to their display restrictions.

It's a tricky place to be - because they certainly don't want to look like a cheap device but they've managed to inject a good bit of personality into their brand. The next few years should be very interesting for them.

Dhani Harrison & Friends

I should probably dive more into his catalog of personal works but, thus far, my familiarity Dhani Harrison is almost entirely of him covering songs by his father, George Harrison. That tradition continues with this Conan performance of "Let It Down"*. Dhani's voice has an eerie similiartiy to his father's (understandably - see also: the Lennon boys) but he does an incredible job of staying faithful to the original material; horns, backup singers, lotsa guitars and doesn't mess with the vibe of the song one bit.

There's more from Conan's weeklong tribute to George Harrison that you can watch here.

* Bonus: the guitarist is a familiar face.

After reading through this Quora inquiry about the benefits and downsides of javascript I'm incredibly intrigued. The promises the tech makes - fast animation engine, very low latency, no backend - sound familiar but really get more interesting once you read into the details of how those things are accomplished. They really do seem to be taking a fresh approach to making Javascript faster and making building apps easier.

Quilt Bot vs Pixelsorter

What happens when one automated, image generating Twitter bot tweets at another automated, image generating Twitter bot? Well, when its Quilt Bot to Pixelsorter, it results in an endless loop of manipulated, glitched out madness. These kinds of "conversations" are probably rampant on Twitter but this is the first of its kind, to me, with image volleying. Hopefully whomever is behind both the bots is tweaking their algorithms to help make this loop grow and change into something even more intriguing than it already is.

Jakub Rozalski

I'm a sucker for a solid retro-future / alternate history visualization and Jakub Rozalski has them in spades. His concept art seems to mix Renaissance simplicity with Mech Warrior - and yet it still feels quite classy. There's a lot of potential album art just waiting to be mined and used for the right pairing.



"Girl Behind the Glass" is a track from Groundislava's new album Frozen Throne but it also doubles as the backdrop for an interactive piece from the We Did It collective. Even if you're not into the music the interactive piece is a nice throwback to 80's neon overload visuals - complete with Power Glove-y first person cursor. It's a strange, glitchy, rainbow fever dream - and that's a combination of words meant as a compliment.

via Brian.

Friday Videos - Sept 26th, 2014

I'm headed into a weekend of travel and celebration with friends at the wedding of one my best friends. I can't wait to celebrate such a great occasion in his life.

But enough personal celebrations, here's your playlist! Need more? Enjoy this lovable oaf, this terrifying view or this bit of insight into a classic. Oh, and don't miss this gem.

Have a great weekend.