Friday Videos - July 11th, 2014

First week back from vacation is always a bit more intense than just a regular week. So, with that in mind, watch these twice. You need your rest.
  • Verschleif 4k - even with zero explanation, this is an entrancing exercise in reduction. Then when you realize it's the best usage of an edge sander in an artistic environment, well, you're sold.
  • Backflipping beach guy - this seems fake. is this fake? can this be real?
  • Fox go FLOOF - The title is a fair representation of the bonkers nature of the owner of this domesticated fox but I just love seeing this little guy run around!
  • Pallas cat - I think I can say that this is easily my favorite video of 2014. Maybe I'll eat those words but a Pallas Cat investigating a camera with the stealth you would expect from a giant housecat is absolutely perfect. The GIF is pretty great too.
  • The Best Cover to Beatles - Come Together! - this is weird and then it gets weirder and then it maintains its weirdness. Throughout the song is strange but not unenjoyable.
  • Pallet Riding - not sure if this can be embedded but this guy riding a Pallet on the rails is pretty solid.
  • CMT's Coffee Corner - timelapse of Rachel Briggs drawing a huge wall mural at the CMT offices. Incredibly impressive.
If you find yourself lacking some vulgarity from this weeks playlist, dive into Peter K. Rosenthal's review of 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' - hilarious in its aggression.

Have a great weekend!

Electric Objects: A Computer Made For Art

"EO1, a computer designed to bring the beauty of the Internet into your home. "
At the heart of it, Electric Objects is a series of deluxe photo frames. The catch being that it's actually designed and intended to showcase art culled from the Internet - rather than just a shoddy LCD screen that cycles through a folder of images. It's got a beautiful aesthetic and I'm glad someone is tackling this field to up the ante on quality of digital frames. It's about time!

It's no surprise they blew past their goal - going from $25k to $270k with about a month to go. Another million dollar project? Probably! Congratulations to them.

All that being said, I don't think I could rationalize $300 for a wall mounted screen. Hopefully this really does blow up and they can get their unit cost much lower on the whole.

The Institute

After numerous recommendations, I watched The Institute - a documentary capturing the phenomenon of 'The JeJune Institute' - a San Francisco collective that appears to be part Cult, part Alternate Reality Game, part religion, part counter-culture and part reality. It's really all in how you decide to take it in. It does get a bit cheesy at times with some transparent acting but, miraculously, that somehow lends itself to blurring the line even further.

At the very least, it's hard to imagine being a part of the story as it unfolded. It's a nice reminder to let yourself be consumed from time to time.

Bonus: The poster is by Mark Weaver and you can watch it on Netflix right now.

One Perfect Shot

Really been enjoying the simple beauty of @OnePerfectShot - a twitter account solely devoted to posting the "best" images from cinemas past. There's a website version too but the Twitter account is just the right platform for consumption.

The curator of the account is also running a crowdfunding campaign to start a "platform" where users can share their own perfect shots or vote on others. I'm not convinced that's how I want to experience this kind of content but I'm all for supporting cinephiles that want to take their obsessive interest to the next level.

Girls Of The Sec - Lost Summer Re-Release

When Ryan Burleson originally released his beachy Girls of the SEC EP, Lost Summer I was very pleased to listen to it on near constant repeat. The Rachel Briggs cover art and multiple videos also pushed it into a new level of enjoyment - not only was it audibly enjoyable, it was visually a treat too.
So, when I saw that he had re-released the album with two additional tracks - including a Katy Perry redo.

It's as pleasant now as it was originally but with more to enjoy. Get it.

From The Basement available

I've been following this Nigel Godrich series, From The Basement since 2006 and am quite pleased to see it's made its way to ad supported streaming over on Crackle. If you are not familiar with the performance series it's a great place to see some well contained performances by Radiohead, White Stripes, Autolux, Eels, Sonic Youth, Beck, Jarvis Cocker and a ton more. Yes, it's an early 2000's nostalgia dream come true but that's not such a bad thing.

Will Bryant Print All Over

When Will Bryant moved to Portland I was curious what would come of it. His work was already incredibly solid, what could the relocation bring? Well, let this gallery of Print All Over pieces stand as evidence of the greatness of his move. I have no idea where I would put a print like this or if I personally have the gall to wear this sweatshirt but I'll be damned if I don't want them real bad.

His actual art is also leaps and bounds improved and amazing but I'm just loving that damn sweatshirt at the moment.

Doug Dug.

I am not even sure how I ran across it but I've been rather enjoying the Electric Toy Company mobile game Doug Dug. The official description puts it in the realms of "Minecraft, Spelunky and Dig Dug" - a comparison that really isn't too far off. It's incredibly simple but just mindlessly engaging enough that you can't help but enjoy it. Also, total plus that it's on iOS and Android. All can enjoy. Watch the teaser or just go get it.

Benjy Russell

Oklahoma born artist Benjy Russell has a varied portfolio of works. Much of it deals with sexuality, so be forewarned if your workplace isn't friendly to that sort of thing but it's worth a gander into some of these sets like Dreamcatcher or Soft Butch. On the whole I'm mostly into the Assignments section - work that was commissioned from him that tends to be a bit "tamer" but also seems a bit more focused. The "Prettyboy" piece shown above is pretty much perfect in my opinion. Lovely.

via Patrick.

Peggo Recorder

Remember Dirpy? It was a very slick Youtube to MP3 convertor that didn't require the nefarious click-throughs and misleading "Download" buttons to snag your audio rip of any youtube video. It went the way of the Dodo but has risen like a Phoenix as Peggo. You want Dolly Parton playing Yakety Sax as an mp3 you can enjoy for all time? Peggo can make that happen.

I am sure there is some questionable legality with this but they're marketing themselves as a "Youtube DVR" so maybe that helps them dodge any forthcoming bullets. I also realize most people prefer their streaming services to hard and fast mp3's but there are too many gems out there unavailable on the streams to not have this tool at your side.

Uncle Skeleton - Dusty Dots Remix

Uncle Skeleton released great remix of the TWODOTS theme song, which he also helped create under his Upright T-Rex production company. The full game soundtrack is available here and it is equally as great but if you really want to flesh out the full collection of songs and remixes, you gotta hear this new jam.
It's actually a funny bit of "meta remixing" since he was part of the creation of the original tunes but I think that just makes it all the more enjoyable.

Friday Videos - June 27th, 2014

I'm off to Tennessee for a week. Blogging may be sparse to completely absent. It's been six months since I've been back and I am in dire need of soaking up some quality time with friends and family. If you're looking to hang out - hit me up. If you're looking for blog content to distract you - hold tight, I'll be back soon enough.
  • Perturbator - "She Is Young, She Is Beautiful ... " - still really hate the name of this band but the 8-bit hard sci-fi story here is just about enough to forgive them.
  • Wally Jurassic Park - if the new Jurassic Park sequel can get anywhere close to this awesome, it wins. But let's be honest, almost nothing is better than this!
  • KILL BILL (Vol 1 and 2) - 8 Bit Cinema - been kind of on a hardcore 8-bit nostalgia trip recently. Seeing videogames based on movies like this makes me yearn for a few days locked in a room playing an incredibly frustrating adaptation.
  • Excuse me... - wait for it.
  • I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video - pretty amazing College Humor piece that really takes you to task to test your every shortening attention span. I made it the full video because I'll be damned if some Internet video is gonna make a chump outta me!
  • What a dance by a chubby Korean baby! - and here's a refresher for you from that grueling 3 minutes you just spent watching the above video proving that you're still in control.
  • Fleetwoods Mr Blue Midnight Special - these guys are new to me and I'm enjoying their intensely melancholy tunes. Maybe not the most upbeat way to go out for a week but it's surprisingly pleasant.
Have a great weekend. And if I don't see ya - have a great week.

Google Cardboard

It's kind of great that Google I/O has slowly become more and more of a worthwhile event - at least from the perspective of intriguing web content being released by the massive Google Beast. The Google Design Guide will take plenty of time to digest but there plenty of other fun projects that are unveiled as well - like Google Cardboard, a DIY kit paired with an Android app for experiencing VR. Basically, it's a corrugated Oculus powered by your phone. The site showcasing it is nice and the instructional kit is just the right amount of Maker Geek to inspire some folks to actually make it.

If that's not quite up your alley, allow yourself to be majorly distracted by The Experiment. Seriously.

Jon Bentley - My Life In Art

I have distinct memory of the Dick & Jane books that the Jon Bentley painting series, My Life in Art, is based upon. His growingly absurdist take on the adventures of the nuclear family are a real treat. I think the Giant Crab may be my favorite but it's tough to beat that one of "Daddy" exercising his demons.

24hr Records: Fist

The Made In Network has a show called 24 Hour Records in which they gather a handful of artists from like-minded bands and throw them in a studio for a full-day with the goal of recording three songs.

The latest collaboration refers to themselves as FIST and consists of four members of some very respectable Nashville rock bands. The making of video is an entertaining bit of frustration as they try to put the songs together and the results are some very solid, enjoyable rock songs. There are a lot of videos being output from Made In but the 24HR Records undertaking is certainly my favorite.

Google Design

Until somewhat recently, Google wasn't exactly known for its design edge. Occasionally they'd release something sharp but, on the whole, it felt more programmer-y than designed. That's changed over the last few years as all of the different Google products have found a common cohesion and really gotten their act together (so to speak). If you browse through this Google Design repository I think you'll get a clear feeling as to how that happened. The Google Design Guidelines alone are a fascinating read about material synthesis, interaction and motion. Maybe it's not a new headspace for you but it is, at the very least, an eloquent reminder of where to aim.

Does this mean Android apps will start seeing a marked improvement in their design? The largest complaint I've heard about many of the apps is that they don't feel like they have the polish they should.. seems possible that these resources could help aid in that.

Monochrome Web Browser

This Monochrome browser could easily be written off as a silly little thing - as it is just a fixed width mobile viewer - but there's something rather handy about having a viewport dedicated to getting mobile viewing sizes right. Yes, I know this can be done with a detached browser tab as well but it's all about the headspace it puts you in.

The Past Is A Grotesque Animal

I've long been a fan of Of Montreal - the upbeat melodies mixed with the somewhat tortured lyrics (particularly on The Sunlandic Twins) has always had a fascinating draw. So, when I saw that there is a documentary about the band - The Past Is a Grotesque Animal, I was in. The film doesn't appear to pull any punches either as there is plenty of talk of frontman Kevin Barnes manic and somewhat abusive behavior as he potentially spirals down. Very excited to watch this one.


Kim recently gave me the heads up on Arcivr - a photo archiving repository designed for collaboration. That last bit seems to be the clincher in grabbing my interest. I've recently been giving PictureLife a spin as an alternative to Flickr and been quite happy with it but there's something about the idea of the ease of collaboration among family members for storing everyone's photos that really appeals to me. Maybe PictureLife is capable of this (maybe Flickr is as well) but it doesn't seem to be their main approach. Seems like it might be time to it a spin.