The Unified Theory Of XOXO

I don't fault him for taking his time with it but I've been waiting for months to read an official recap of XOXO from the mouth of Andy Baio. Well, I can stop waiting because he's written up The Unified Theory of XOXO and it pretty much hits on all the points that I expected it to. The two most powerful points, to me, would be that there was such a positive spirit to the whole thing; devoid of the typical Overwhelming Internet Snark. Secondly, his point on The Attendees hit home with similar parallels to Whiskerino. This is perfectly worded:
There's also a larger tension between inclusiveness and intimacy. Attendees want an intimate event where they can talk to every person in the room over the course of three days. But, at the same time, I don't want to run an event for the same 400 people every year. I want more diversity and more new voices, with a better balance between artists and technologists, and a better age, gender, and racial breakdown. And, if I'm devoting a chunk of my life to this, I want something with a larger cultural footprint that can make a difference in more lives.
I hope that Baio and McMillan do decide to overcome those fears and host XOXO again. I imagine there's a potential impact there that they aren't even aware of!


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