Blinker the Star

Return of Blinker The Star

How can I say this without being too overly word? Back in 1999 I loved Blinker the Star's August Everywhere. My expectations sort of ruined the 2003 followup Still In Rome but I never expected the band to disappear for almost ten years. May 2012 the band re-emerged on Bandcamp with the full-length We Draw Lines; a bit of return to form.
Now, they've got another album - Songs from Laniakea Beach that features Lindsey Buckingham, Matt Mahaffey, Kellii Scott, Brad Laner and more. It's very reminiscent of August Everywhere and a much welcomed return from an enjoyable band. These songs likely date back as far as 2000 but they're still top notch.


  • Man, I had no idea these guys were still around. Good indie pop before there was indie pop.
    Mat Wiseman on Thursday, January 31st, 2013 @ 1:49pm

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