Sound City Release

Now Available: Sound City

Today is the official release date for Sound City, the documentary from Dave Grohl covering the Van Nuys studio with the magical console. I know I mentioned it back in December but now that it's available for all to watch I wanted to throw in another two cents about the whole thing. First of all, it's a big deal for VHX to be involved with this and I'm really proud of our team for making it happen in such a great way.

Secondly, I keep reading a Dave Grohl quote that this is "his most important work" - a sentiment that I scoffed at initially. I mean, isn't Nirvana his most important work? But then I realized that the back portion of the movie is dedicated to showing the joy of playing music together or, if you wanna take it further, of creating anything together with other people. If Grohl can inspire people to do that; it may very well be his important work.

Objectively, it's an enjoyable film. I suggest you watch it.


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