Friday Videos - March 22nd, 2013

Remember last week when Friday videos was paltry and borderline disappointing? Well, I've overcompensated this week and doubled down with content. Regardless, I think the playlist is solid and undeniably enjoyable.
  • Big Black Delta - Side of the Road - Chad and I play this song ad nauseam, so it's nice to have an official video to go with it. I wish it exploded into some crazy color at the end but I love the glitch effects for none of that to matter.
  • Drunk People are Stupid - be forewarned of the NSFW language but, man oh man, these people are absurdly entertaining.
  • Iowa State Fair - Husband Calling and Mom Calling Contest - we're all forever indebted to Steve for bringing this to our collective attentions. It is, quite possibly, the best thing the Internet has offered us all in some time.
  • Biting Elbows - Bad Motherf***ker - obviously some NSFW content here but it's a crazy well done first person perspective chase video. I can't imagine the cost or resources used but that's what makes it so great.
  • Winny Puhh - I didn't know what this was the first time I watched it. Or the third time. Or the tenth time. The point is, I can't stop watching. Will I ever understand?!
  • Trampoline Kitty - is this cat disturbed by the jumping? Is it loving it? There are few clues to understanding either way.
  • Four Square checkins: NYC vs Tokyo - love this animated infographic of checkins over a 24-hour period. There aren't really any surprises in the data presented but it's still great to see.
  • Harlem reacts to Harlem Shake - lots of disappointed folks here. It's a bummer that anyone would think Harlem Shake is making fun of actual Harlem because it's, frankly, not smart enough to be making any commentary. Regardless, these reactions are priceless, honest and accurate.
  • Beetlejuice Minecraft Rollercoast - watch this and imagine the time it would take to 1) design the ride itself and 2) actually build it brick-by-brick in the Minecraft world. Insane.
  • Introducing JASH - a new original content YouTube channel from Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim and Reggie Watts. Subscribe.
  • Raccoon with a Jetpack - Raccoon with a Jetpack
Have a great weekend!


  • the dude re: the harlem shake saying "that's w4th dancing" cracked me up! (or the girl who said it was jersey or cali) NYC forever! (but mostly brooklyn)
    plainhuman on Friday, March 22nd, 2013 @ 2:40pm

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