Friday Videos - Feb 1st, 2013

Welcome to February! Where does the time go? Seriously. Where does it go? Enjoy this playlist and have yourself a phenomenal weekend.
  • First attempt at a Ski Jump - I recently confirmed with myself that I should never, ever, ski. This video is just further evidence that are plenty of other folks like myself out there.
  • Lynn Hischberg's Screen Test: Lena Dunham - if you've been watching GIRLS you know how accurate of a parody this is.
  • Samsung El Plato Supreme - you know it's Superbowl Weekend when you see a commercial with Bob Odenkirk, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. Oh, and it's actually pretty funny.
  • Flood Surprise - never underestimate the stupidity of people.
  • Black Mirror: Series 2 - I've talked about this show a few times before. Charlie Brooker's grim look at technology and society is a great watch.. glad to see it's returning for a second run.
  • Oh hey, I didn't see you there - a Kickstarter Supercut of recurring greetings. Some of the variations are amazing.
  • Cat Meets Snow - because every week should have a fun animal video.
  • Jeff's Morning Workout - because every week should have a phenomenal dance video.
BONUS Take care!


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