Evidence Of Time Travel

John Leigh, aka Karborn, has a very compelling portfolio and blog. There's a heavy mixture of collage, glitch and animated GIF - though all through the lens of more traditional art, nothing emerging from the overly kitschy realm. I'm loving the series Evidence of Time Travel ( parts II, III and IV should be seen as well) and the technique used to create them:
'Created & manipulated on Amiga 1200's and fed through a series of scan converters, VHS formats and Wobulators to Sony Trinitron broadcast monitors. The output is then photographed with film & digital cameras'.
I'm really at a loss for words on how great the entirety of this body of work is. Please take some time to dive in.


  • i had an amiga 1200 for almost 10 years. so wonderful he's still using that magical little machine to create such things.
    caspar (v) on Monday, March 24th, 2014 @ 8:10am

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