I was just complaining that it seems a shame that Short Films often don't get the proper homes they deserve on the web. It's hard to track them down and, often, they're just lumped in with all the other riff-raff on the streaming video services. Enter Elevision, a freshly launched service that showcases a handful of quality short films and lets you buy & stream them right there. So, you're enabling the filmmaker to keep going and you get yourself a treat of a mini-movie.

The content is great right out of the gate - Quentin Dupieux's Wrong Cops with Marilyn Manson and Eric Wareheim (among others), David Lowery's Pioneer with Will Oldham, The Arm, A Pretty Funny Story, The Kook and a bunch more. I think it's great that there's a curated home for these films and I look forward to watching the Elevision library grow.


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