Matt Gondek

Been enjoying a dive into the portfolio of Matt Gondek. His work features a slew of well known characters exploding or melting into skeletal structures. It's an excellent way to feed your nostalgia and absolutely decimate it at the same time. The Homer is likely my favorite but there's something special about this Mickey as well... just to name a few.

Idlewild Airport

Before JFK airport was JFK airport, it was known as Idlewild, named after the golf course that it displaced. In 1961, it was a wonderful example of modern design. Check this TIME gallery showcasing the building and its surrounding decore. To see it now, it definitely feels very definitively 60's but it makes for great photos and the architecture itself is beautiful.

HT Jamie

Friday Videos - August 28th, 2015

Been feeling a bit under the weather this week but I'm fighting the good fight and delivering proper distractions for us all. Enjoy.
  • What Are Frogs? - SNL Celebrity Jeopardy can not hold a candle to this little gem.
  • Weird Gamer Guy E3 - a clip was making the rounds this week of a strange man in line to see a Satanist Baphomet statue but his prior appearance at E3 is one for the books.
  • Coen Brothers POV - conceptually simple: a supercut of POV shots from the Coen Brothers. In practice, absolutely delightful.
  • Hyper Light Drifter - Trailer 2 - I am happy to see that this Kickstarter project from 2013 is still chugging along and still looks like a phenomenal game. Oh, and the soundtrack is from Disasterpiece, total bonus.
  • Destroyer "Times Square" - excellent stop motion animation video from Destroyer. When the triangle licks the mushroom, you know you're in for a treat.
  • Bernie Sanders 404 - it's great that ole Bernie made a custom 404 video message but seeing it out of context is kind of delightful.
  • Use the Cat Door - this sums up the feline species nicely.
What did I miss this week? This? This kid? Let me know.

Work & Co

The work of Work & Co is fairly well known - particularly their Virgin America renovation - but I'd never perused their site before. I don't know if this is a new trend or just a rather clever menu implementation but this Grid Menu is just a giant view of all the pages you can dive into - simple, informative and impressive. It also allows them a great deal of flexibility and diversity amongst their individual pages because they are all tied together by the brand mark for the agency. Definitely love this page.

Funnily enough, these guys share the same building as VHX, I'll have to give them the ole tip of the hat next time I see them.


I've been getting my hands dirty a little bit lately with some iOS designs and have found myself investigating a few of the Prototyping tools available out there so I could properly express the ideas for animations and transitions. I found myself agreeing heavily with this article, largely the parts about the majority of tools out there right now being way too steep of a learning curve to be worth my time.

So, I'm going to dive in on Principle and Flinto - two more recent tools that seem to do the exact same thing but I'm sure some essential difference will reveal itself. They both make prototyping very interactive, very little coding and with very quick results.

Undisclosed: The Adnan Followup

I assume, like myself, after Serial ended there wasn't much thought given to the trials and tribulations (literally) of Adnan Syed. Fortunately, the Undisclosed Podcast has picked up that mantle and is continuing to dig deep into many of the findings that were flubbed or glossed over or manipulated by everyone involved in Syed's case. This article runs down through the top 5 most potentially eye opening findings. Some of them, like the police prompting, seem subjective but others, like Hae's livor mortis, seem unquestionable in how they disrupt the story that's been told.

At the very least, read the article. It's good to know someone is still fighting the good fight for the truth, whatever that may be.

Cameron's World

I know I've mentioned this elsewhere but I'd be remiss if I didn't make official note of Cameron's World - a repository of images culled from old Geocities and laid out in collages and "worlds" unlike anything we've ever seen. I would say it's borderline overwhelming but it never is.. there's always a ton to pore over in every scene but it all works incredibly well together.
In an age where we interact primarily with branded and marketed web content, Cameron's World is a tribute to the lost days of unrefined self-expression on the Internet. This project recalls the visual aesthetics from an era when it was expected that personal spaces would always be under construction.
Whatever the thinking behind it, I tip my hat to Cameron and the world's he has created. I miss those GIFs and can't think of a more fitting tribute.

Dictionary Stories

Jez Burrows always has a handful of projects up his sleeve - an incredibly impressive feat given that he's employed full time and those side projects don't seem to suffer one bit. The latest is Dictionary Stories, a series of short tales comprised entirely of example sentences from the New Oxford American Dictionary. You can read more about the what of it all here but really you should just dive in.

Dismaland: the Banksy Theme Park

The latest from Banksy is a full-on theme park entitled Dismaland. Clearly, this project is the most ambitious from the street artist and really pushes him into to play with his hatred of Disney. Browsing through images of the park I'm a bit torn - is this impressively amusing or just over-the-top and not that funny. Honestly, I think most Banksy projects are best left not to ponder too much. It's eye candy and this project certainly fills that prescription to the maximum amount.

The Grim Reaper riding a bumper car is undeniably great but it's also worth noting that many other artists are involved in the park - included Stephen Powers / ESPO. I hope all my UK friends are able to make it out, as it seems like an event that should be attended if at all possible.

You should also watch the park ad and walkthrough.

Two Dots Live Podcast

Rarely do I post links directly to an Apple podcast page so, my apologies if that isn't the most kosher way to share this information but this episode of Apple Store Events: Two Dots Live is certainly worth your time to procure and download. The audio mix could probably be a bit louder but hearing the music of Two Dots played with a live band is something real special. Maybe this will make its way onto youtube at some point but, for now, dive right in.


Spent some time checking out the new app from Betaworks - Glitter. From what I can tell, it's a creator of digital cards that you swap with friends. I think I may be outside the target demographic as a 36-year old but I really like the interface of adding random elements, choosing various gifs and just, basically, collaging a fun little trading card. Just look at the example video on their site and you'll want to make a sparkly cat card sitting atop an emoji poop as well, I'm sure of it.

Friday Videos - August 21st, 2015

There's some gems in here this week. Enjoy and don't even think about getting any work done today. It's basically the last friday of the Summer I'm told... don't waste it! Great! Look at this delightful guy and have a great weekend.

The Jefferson Grid

This Instagram collection, The Jefferson Grid, is loosely based on the idea of the Public Land Survey System that Thomas Jefferson developed to survey large regional areas. A single square mile of a township is called a Section. This Instagram account takes satellite images of one square mile and presents them beautifully. Look at these perfect lines or this insane pattern! It's always remarkable to see our planet from this perspective.

via Steve

Sleep Good - X

I'm very proud to announce that the first track from Sleep Good's Dream Dealer album (the one I am releasing at the end of the month) now has an official video. "X" was directed, shot and edited by Tomas Vengris (Terrence Malick, Lena Dunham) and features a load of beautiful imagery shot through alternative lenses and natural effects to evoke a feeling of summery bliss. Maybe that's the artful oversell but it's a lot of pretty images paired with a wonderful song.

Please watch it and spread the word if you don't mind.

Project Sunroof

It's only available in San Francisco and the Greater Boston area but Google's Project Sunroof is a pretty fascinating piece of tech. You enter your address, Google's robot hordes analyze their satellite sunlight data and decide if it's worthwhile for you to install solar panels on your place and then surface the savings you would find if you did so. I always wanted panels on my house in TN but the cost per panel was ludicrous, maybe this kind of attention to savings will help to drive the price down and we can finally have them be standard with every home.

Fastbreak Breakfast Retrospective

My good friend Keith runs a basketball podcast called Fastbreak Breakfast that covers a lot of ground that I have absolutely zero insight into. I know so little about the sport of basketball that 90% of the show is complete gibberish to me. However, the remaining 10% consists of the three hosts discussing their breakfasts, a topic I know much about.

I mention this because A) it's funny regardless of how informed you are on the subjects at hand and B) they've just released a Breakfast Retrospective Episode in which they review all of host Chuck Anderson's early meals through their season. It is mortifying to hear the horrible things that this individual eats but made up for by the onslaught of mockery he receives.

Long story short, listen to this, it's an amusing piece of work.

The Stenberg Brothers

Soviet era posters always have such a striking look to them through their combination of simple shapes, limited color palettes and, typically, a bit of movement. This massive gallery of movie posters from the Stenberg brothers, Vladimir and Georgii, are some of the finest examples I've seen in some time. Aside from the incredible gallery, there's also a rather lengthy interview with Vladimir about his history with the art and the whole scene from the early 1900's.

Haruki Murakami

Not sure if this is new or not but I'm rather enjoying the official site for author Haruki Murakami. There's a little tour of his desk, an excellent visual library of his created works (I was tempted to say oeuvre but couldn't bring myself to use it) and a repository of interviews, galleries and musical references in his work. The site has so many subtle animation touches that really take it from a well designed site to impressive, influential, engaging creation.