Invisible Creature
@yewknee I?m 100% stoked on my Feedly page right now.
david sizemore
Jordan Zakarin
So torn. Nothing better than seeing Ted Cruz eat a flaming sack of shit, nothing worse than Donald Trump being so close to the presidency
Anil Dash
Oh this is sweet, via @maximolly, a look at the architecture and design of Paisley Park:
Casey Pugh
@jamiew @adamklaff @kbinbk @yewknee @ksheurs @steveniebauer Never forget
jms dnns
Congrats to my friends and former teammates at @vhxtv for being acquired by Vimeo!
We're thrilled to join the @Vimeo family
Eric Sundermann
Sometimes I think I'm out of ideas, but then @vinniesbrooklyn puts a pizza inside of a box made of pizza. Inspiring.
Steve Niebauer
Was having a crappy lunch, but then I saw a man wearing JNCOs riding a Razor scooter, and now all is well. ALL IS WELL
Pablo Hidalgo
The cold open single piano note is the new trailer BWWAAAAARRRRMMM.
chris crofton
LA people have GOTTA get bigger dogs
Potter Papers
Harry Potter and The Most Probable Size of the Universe
R.I.P. to my grandpa. He loved to grill, but he owed $ to Jabba the Hutt
Spencer Chen
Nothing is original, esp. in #design. (btw, these are NOT the logos of Medium AirBNB, Flipboard, and Beats)
One. Perfect. Shot.
[GALLERY] From the Deck of the Nostromo: Behind-the-Scenes of ALIEN #alienday426
Jason Kottke
When life hands you a philandering husband, make Lemonade and then sell it at his new lemonade stand.
caspar (v)
Hawk Thompson
long live shadow libraries.
Lets plant catnip, he said. It prevents mosquitoes, he said. What could go wrong, he said. #cats
Jed Sundwall
Oh cool. They have swimming robot snakes now. ht @yewknee