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Convert AE animations to code

via Squall

Almost Holy

this movie looks devastating and super compelling.

The Physical Impossibilities of Damien Hirst

Kickstarter to make a wax model of Damien Hirst and put him in a glass box. Zero backers. Silly idea but glad its out there.

Everything is a Remix: The Force Awakens

watch it

Food Faces Book Launch

fans of @ferrisplock should get into this

Paul Robertson on Patreon

a prime example of a great artist worth backing

Top Posts: BetterEveryLoop

your day just improved 300%

AlphaGo and the Future of Humanity

Move 37 vs Move 78

Meet The Swedish Inventor Who Creates Amazing Shitty Robots

a fun lil read

Why the theme song for It's Garry Shandling's Show is the greatest TV theme song of all time.

i can't disagree

Cat gif backup 1


Behind the Scenes of Cult Film Grey Gardens

read, doi

2,000 Glowing Pigeons Illuminate the Brooklyn Waterfront

need to see this

Anthony Bourdain?s Shade Thrown Coffee

adding to my ReadLater


why do I find these so fascinating?

The Panic Sign


The Greatest Films from Unfilmable Novels

clearly they were filmable

The Modern HiFi Stereo Console

excellent KS project.. would own

Practical Frameworks for Beating Burnout

a good read