Enjoy some music.

  • yk records

    I run a small boutique label that puts out albums from a variety of artists and styles. Here are some of the latest releases but, by all means, please indulge in the full catalog.

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  • POLY

    Let's Have an Adventure
    delightful, twee, pop
  • Tower Defense

    Stay Inside
    post-punk rock ep
  • Forget Cassettes

    Demos, Vol I
    cassette demos
  • Sleep Good

    Dream Dealer
    dreamy pop
  • Mystery Twins

    TV Talk 7"
    garage rock onslaught


Despite the ubiquity of streaming music everywhere, I still occasionally enjoy putting together a theme mix of music or just an archive of my personally enjoyed tracks from the past few months.

  • Q1 2016

    quarterly comp
  • ruination rumination

    halloween mix
  • Q2 2015

    summary mix
  • Q1 2015

    summary mix