Bandcamp for Drummers
So, I've got a new release on the horizon for my little label undertaking and I have been doing a great bit of thinking about how I distribute the digital version via Bandcamp. While my goal has never, and will never, be to turn a profit at all costs (it'd be nice, but not necessary) I am curious about the mentality people have behind buying digital albums. Are you more inclined to buy an album if it's a Name Your Own Price with a minimum of $1? Or if it's marked as entirely Free? Imagine hearing an album you really wanted - what would your mental reaction be if it were priced at $5 just for digital files?

My main goal has always been to get great music out the masses. To me, that means distributing the music for free because there are people out there that won't even spend a dollar on music they enjoy. Should I continue trying to reach the masses or just reach those that care enough to spend a tiny amount? Not making any changes, just curious on your thoughts.


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