Today I am extremely proud to present the debut album from Slowmotions, Quick Potions. The sixteen track opus is the result of the musings of one Andrew Brassell - one third of And The Relatives. However... it's a significant departure from the rock leanings of ATR, choosing to rely more heavily on self-sampling, various beats and a myriad of intriguing sounds to create the soundscape.

I do my best to keep from being overly wordy when putting a record out there because I just want you to click and get it but I will say this - I am extremely excited for everyone to hear this record. There's a surreal and dreamlike quality to it that keeps me coming back for more, over and over again. The album plays through like a series of dreams stitched together with instrumental segues.

The artwork for this release is entirely my doing and I am very pleased with how it turned out. The physical release is die cut on the Erlenmeyer flask, revealing a portion of a unique image tucked inside each one. It's great. You really should buy one; it's more than worth it.

Long Story Short: New album from Slowmotions available right now as an entirely free download or an awesome limited edition CD. Please have a listen and spread the word! Everyone you know should hear and love this record.


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